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Will a Face Lift get rid of nasal folds?

shutterstock_86347279 Nasal folds are a result of excess skin of the face due to loss of volume of fat and collagen. When the face deflates, folds appear at the nasal folds, marionettes and jowls along the neckline. Face Lifts re-drape the skin on the face and the excess skin is surgically removed. The Face Lift can reduce nasal folds, marionettes and jowls to the extent of how far the surgeon can “undermine” the skin to reach those areas to tighten the skin on the face. In surgery, healing is dependent on the amount of circulation available at the skin edge or flap edges. The longer the flap as in the case of a facelift, the less blood flow to the edges; so elevating the flap beyond the nasolabial fold may cause skin edge complications. Edge complications can cause poor healing. The state of the person’s health and lifestyles also determines how aggressive the doctor will want to undermine the face. A person who has been smoking for years would not be a good candidate for invasive type face lifts.   Face Lift Experience with Dr. Dean Kane, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane, has been practicing over 27 years and Face Lifts have been a large part of his practice. Dr. Kane offers the array of surgical lifts, from a mini-face lift, to a full standard face and neck lift surgery.  When Dr. Kane evaluates a patients he considers both the surgical options as well as non-surgical liquid facelift options to determine which approach would be best suited to meet the patient’s needs, time issues and their expectations. Other options Dr. Kane includes: skin tightening procedures such as ZO Obagi Skin Health, skin firming with Sculptra, fold filling with fat or Juvederm, Restylane Voluma and Radiesse, skin shrinking with lasers and such. See all these facial options on www.DrDeanKane.com and call his office at 410-602-3322 to speak with Lauri Kane, his wife.
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