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Sculptra in Columbia with Dr. Dean Kane

Sculptra in Columbia with Dr. Dean Kane

Dr Dean Kane is one of the largest users of Sculptra in Maryland to help women and men stop and reverse the aging of the skin. His patients from Baltimore have followed him to his new Columbia office to continue their annual Sculptra treatment to keep them forever youthful. Sculptra is not a filler but stimulates your face and neck to produce collagen and elastin to firm and tighten skin laxity. Sculptra truly gives you a non-surgical face and neck lift.


Sculptra: The Non-Surgical Skin Tightening for Face and Neck

Sculptra is advised when the skin has lost a lot of its collagen and elastin and has become thin and lax. Sculptra is an injectable that is performed by Dr. Kane. Sculptra is injected into the entire face which stimulates your own collagen and elastin deep under the skin that will thicken, firm, and tighten the skin. The process involves 2 sessions of Sculptra injections done 6 weeks apart as your initial treatment. The Sculptra will stimulate your elastin and collagen the entire year in which you see subtle but substantial changes to the skin. Every year after the first treatment you come in for a yearly one session booster to keep your skin stimulated and never allowing you to lose any more collagen and elastin. Sculptra keeps up a continual stimulation so that you are actually stopping the aging of the skin forever. Sculptra is truly that Fountain of Youth that reverses aging and keeps you looking younger as you grow older.

Sculptra and TCA Peel Before and 2 Years Post


Sculptra and TCA Peel Before and 4 Years Post. She progressively looks younger every year for the past 4 years.

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**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

Dr. Dean Kane, board certified plastic surgeon, finds Sculptra is the secret for his patients to look and stay naturally refreshed and rejuvenated with a slower, naturally rejuvenated onset. Dr. Kane uses Sculptra to stimulate the diminished collagen that occurs in the aging process of the deep and superficial lines, folds, hollows, and sagging of the face. Sculptra is the ultimate collagen builder and plumper that gives Dr. Kane’s patients subtle but natural anti-aging effects over a years time. Sculptra is the true non-surgical facelift!

See the Sculptra results of Lauri Kane below after 2 sessions of Sculptra performed 6 weeks apart.


*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.*

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Before and After Sculptra results after 3 sessions that involved 2 vials per session over a 10 month period.


*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid. Poly-L-Latic Acid comes in two forms: as a powder or as a dissolvable surgical suture. This molecular structure was found to be very unique from all other dissolvable sutures as it stimulates all healing properties of the skin as it dissolves.  As a powder, Dr. Kane reconstitutes Sculptra with anti-bacterial water and then injects the dissolved liquid Sculptra into the face, neck and body. Sculptra has been shown to be incredibly effective to firm, tighen and smooth the skin wherever it gets injected and lasts a year. At the end of the year, the face and body areas look firmer and tighter.

Can Sculptra be used in specific areas of the face?

Yes, Sculptra can be targeted for just around the eyes, the mouth, temples, and even other parts of the body.

 Click here to learn more about targeted Sculptra for defined problem areas of the face.

Who are candidates for Sculptra?

Dr. Kane feels that Sculptra serves many purposes for many patients. Sculptra is ideal for white skin, all skin types and people of color. Dr. Kane finds fillers to be ideal for black skin of African Americans as well as Asians and Middle Eastern individuals. Patients with various complaints such as sagging of the jowls, the hollowness of the cheeks, deep and superficial nasal folds and marionette lines are ideal candidates for Sculptra.

For the aging patient who is not quite ready for a facelift, Dr. Kane feels Sculptra is maybe a perfect solution to lift and tighten the skin using this long-lasting liquid facelift. For patients who have lost a lot of weight and feel hollow and gaunt in the cheek areas, Sculptra may also work well. Dr. Kane uses Sculptra to maintain the longevity of his facelift patients by keeping his patients’ collagen stimulated and plumping of the face. Dr. Dean Kane sees the facelift procedure as a way to reverse the clock, but Dr. Kane also acknowledges that people continue to age after the surgery. The ideal way to anti-age and keep turning back the clock is to keep the face plump and firm. With Sculptra, the face is being continuously stimulated to produce collagen and thus keeping the face full and refreshed. Sculptra is the true secret to accomplish anti-aging of the face along with proper skincare, peels, Botox and Dysport.

Of course, the patients who have already have had Sculptra continue to be the perfect patient to come back to Dr. Kane every year or two for a Sculptra touch up.

Sculptra Patient Before and After photos

What problems can occur with Sculptra?

In the past, patients had occasionally complained of developing lumps or nodules in the face. In the early years, Sculptra had not been diluted to the extent to what is now considered the proper ratios. With the proper dilution of the Sculptra and the massage required, the risk of nodules or lumps have been greatly reduced.

What is the history of Sculptra?

What does Sculptra Cost?

Dr. Dean Kane has created a package pricing for 1 session that includes 2 vials. This package pricing is $1790. Patients will need 2 or more sessions to achieve ideal results. For any future costs, Dr. Kane will charge by the vial which is $895.00 per vial as needed.  For patients wanting targeted areas of the face rather than full-face treatments Dr. Kane performs Sculptra for just the following areas: Temples, Under Eyes, Nasal Folds, Lip Lines, and marionette lines. Each of these areas would cost $400 an area. Whether it’s a full face or targeted treatments, a minimum of 2 sessions done approximately 6 weeks apart is required to achieve optimal results.

To find out about facial procedures in Columbia, Maryland, call (410) 602-3322 or email Lauri at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com.