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ThreadLift & Lipo Combo for Face and Neck

Combination of Thread Lift of the Face and Jowls with Lipo-Contouring of the Lower Face and Neck.

Women and Men who not only have skin laxity of the face and jowls but have fullness on their necks and jawline are ideal candidates for the combination of Lipo-Countouring and Threadlift to the face and neck. The lipo-contouring will remove the fat under the neck, chin, jowls and the lower face below the cheeks providing a much more defined jawline, thinner neck and a distinguished contour from the cheeks down to the jawline.

The lipo-contouring is a permanent solution for the fat removal providing a true definition of the face and jawline for years after the procedure. 

The PDO threads are use to pull up the skin laxity of the face and neck. During the recovery, the threads also help the face and neck to firm and tighten in an upward position giving a longer lasting non-surgical face and neck lift. 

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