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Sculptra Q&A with Dr. Kane in Columbia, MD

Lauri Kane Answers Sculptra Q&A:


Do I need to prepare my skin for Sculptra similar to the ZO prep for the peel?

No Sculptra needs no prep. Just need to know you will have bruising for 8 to 10 days scattered over the face.

Do the Sculptra injections feel similar a filler? Yes, but there are more needles involved in the Sculptra process.

Is a numbing crème applied prior to the injections?

Yes we apply a very strong numbing cream for 30 min and then Dr. Kane injects numbing medications as well that radically reduces the pain of the Sculptra injections.

If I am afraid of needles, what can you do to alleviate my anxiety?

Dr. Kane has 2 very effective options for you. He offers Pronox, a laughing gas that gives you an euphoria like effect (similar to having a couple of martinis) that dramatically reduces people’s anxiety. If you are able to drive to and from the office with Pronox as it gets out of your system as soon as you stop breathing it in. If you have severe anxiety, Dr. Kane can call in a medication to your pharmacy, but someone must drive you to and from our office. You can not take an uber or taxi.

I recently had filler, will the remaining filler have any effect on the Sculptra injections?

No we do both all the time and often at the same time depending where you want the filler placed.

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Can I do Botox and Sculptra at the same time?

Yes, these are in two different places of the face so we can do both at the same appointment time.

What should I expect post, besides the possibility of bruising?

The first 2 to 3 days the face looks a little full from all the fluid from the Sculptra and then goes away by day 3. Most people really like the fullness!! Bruising comes out when the fluid is gone.

How long does the process take?

The actual injections take all of 15 to 20 min, but you will be in the office for an 1.5 hours.

How much does Sculptra cost?

We use 2 vials of Sculptra for the face and each vial is $895.00.  The total cost is $1790 plus the nitrous is $90. You need to do Sculptra at least a second time for it to be most effective and done about 6 weeks apart. But that timing is flexible.

When will I see the effects of Sculptra?

Sculptra takes time to stimulate Collagen and Elastin for firming and tightening. You usually see the wonderful effects of Sculptra after 6 weeks after the second session of Sculptra.

How long will Sculptra last?

After the second session, Sculptra will continue to stimulate the production of your collagen and elastin in the skin for up to a year. At the first anniversary of your first treatment you need to maintain the Sculptra effect with a session of Sculptra every year. You will never age if you keep up yearly treatments of Sculptra.

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How can you learn if Sculptra is right for you?

The recommended way to see if you are a candidate for Sculptra as well as the other fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm Ultra or Radiesse, is to have a personal consultation with Dr. Kane. Often Dr. Kane holds seminars and live demonstrations in his  new office location in Columbia, Maryland. These seminars are very informative and patients learn a great deal about which cosmetic procedures are right for them. To learn when Dr. Kane holds his cosmetic surgery seminars join his newsletters and receive weekly updates on Dr. Kane’s specials and events.

To find out about facial procedures in Columbia, Maryland, call (410) 602-3322 or email Lauri at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com.