Live PDO EuroThread Lift Procedures Performed by Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore, MD

The newest non-surgical approach to rejuvenating the face and body is using the dissolvable PDO EuroThreads for lifting and firming all aspects of the face, neck and body. People are very interested to see how these EuroThreads are injected especially since people do not need any anesthesia to have these treatments done. On this page you can watch videos of Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore perform the PDO Threadlift for the Face, Lips, Chin, Arms, Hands, Front and Back of Thighs and Buttocks at his Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa.

All the patients were awake and will tell you how they felt about the procedures. They all had the procedures without any anesthesia except for local numbing of the areas being injected with the PDO Eurothreads.

Watch Dr. Dean Kane Perform a Non-Surgical Necklift with PDO EuroThreads

Watch Dr. Dean Kane explain how to rejuvenate the neck using dissolvable PDO EuroThreads. Most people describe their necks issues as being crepey, thin skin and hanging loose skin. Dr. Kane will be using two types of EuroThreads to improve both these issues. For the crepey thin skin, a lattice or a basket weave of the smooth and twisted threads will give the skin firmer and stronger support. A barbed EuroThreads will attach under the skin and lift the loose deeper tissues like the fibrous tissues surrounding the fat cells. Over time as these PDO Threads dissolve they will stimulate collagen, elastin and other structural fibers to further firm, tighten and lift the neck skin as well. The effect of the threads will continue to last for approximately 1 ½ years. But the effect of the Threads will have reversed the aging process so that the neck will now start to age again but at a more youthful starting point.

While patients can return to work the next day at a desk type position,  they need to limit the continuous movement of neck for 2 to 3 weeks. People can expect bruising and swelling for approximately 2 weeks. Results will be seen starting at 4 weeks when the sutures begin to dissolve.

Watch Dr. Dean Kane Perform a Non-Surgical Facelift and Improve Wrinkles around Lips, Chin and Jowls with PDO EuroThreads

Many people would prefer to find a non-surgical procedure to deal with issues of their cheeks and jowl laxity rather than a surgical procedure. Many women also are always looking for improvement for the wrinkling and fine lines in and around the lips and chin. The PDO Eurothreads are ideal to treat these areas of the face as a non-surgical option.

Watch Dr. Kane use a lattice or basket weave approach using dissolvable PDO EuroThreads within the skin for the areas around the lips and chin to firm and reduce lip and peri-oral lines and folds. The goal is to stimulate the collagen and elastin in this area to plump and smooth the wrinkles that often plague women. The Threads are also used above the lip to lift the upper lip upward to shorten the space between the upper lip and the nose to make the lip look fuller and rounded out.

To lift the cheeks, Dr. Kane will be using long barbed dissolvable EuroThreads that will be threaded from the hairline at the temples down to multiple points along the jawline to lift the cheeks, jowls and neck skin.

PDO EuroThreads do not require any cutting, suturing or sedative / general anesthesia. These are injectable Threads and only local anesthetic can be used to numb the areas when Dr. Kane inserts each of the threads. Patients can drive themselves to the office and are able to drive themselves home afterwards. It will take 4 weeks to begin to see the improvement and will last 1 ½ to 2 years. The effect of the Threads will begin to reverse  the aging process so that the face will now start to age again but at a more youthful starting point.

Watch Dr. Dean Kane Perform a Non-Surgical Arm Lift with Dissolvable PDO EuroThreads

Mature women who find their upper arms look flabby and crepey now have a new option and / or addition to arm lift. Even with working out and building up the muscles, skin looseness is still a problem. The dissolvable PDO EuroThreads are ideal for the woman with relatively small batwing issues, skin laxity and crepey skin of the upper arms.

Watch Dr. Kane perform a complete circumferential upper arm lift with PDO Eurothreads on his wife, Lauri Kane, who is 64 years old, works out daily, but still has the loose batwing and thin crepey skin of her arms. Dr. Kane used 150 threads for both arms. He used the combination of very long threads for the length of her arms and shorter threads that were injected around the arm creating a physical supportive lattice of the threads which will stimulate collagen and other structural molecules to develop over the next 1 to 2 years to tighten and firm the skin.

Lauri was completely awake, with only the use of local anesthetic. She will let you know in the video that the procedure was quite comfortable even though it looks like it should be painful. Patients can expect to feel sore and have bruising for 2 to 3 weeks. The firming and tightening of the skin will begin in 2 weeks when her collagen and elastin are stimulated by fibroblast stimulation as the PDO EuroThreads begin to slowly dissolve. The results will last about 2 years.  But Lauri’s arms will have reversed in aging so that her arms are now starting to age again but at a more youthful starting point.

Lauri’s recovery will require that she not use her arms to do any form of lifting or carrying heavy objects and be limited regarding using her arms for exercising for about 3 weeks. Walking or stationary type of workouts are still possible. No other post recovery is needed. No special creams or garments are needed although other patients have found a firm athletic-style sleeve or shirt to be supportive.

Watch Dr. Dean Kane perform a Non-Surgical Tightening of Skin Laxity Above the Knees using Dissolvable PDO EuroThreads

Many women feel they can’t wear shorts or skirts above their knees because they dislike the appearance of their crepey, cellulite and irregularities of their skin above the knees toward the middle of the front of their thighs. There is no surgical option for this area which makes the dissolvable PDO EuroThreads so ideal to help smooth these irregular skin issues.
Watch Dr. Kane use 2 styles of PDO Eurothreads to create a lattice or basket weave effect to this patient for her front upper thighs. Dr. Kane will use long PDO Threads to go up the length of the thigh and shorter versions to go across the top of the thigh. After 4 weeks the patient will begin to see the effects of the dissolving EuroThreads stimulate her collagen and elastin to smooth the skin’s irregularities. The effect of the Threads will continue to last up to 2 years. But the thighs will have reversed in aging so that the legs are now starting to age again but at a more youthful starting point.
Recovery will require that this patient not perform exertional or bouncing exercise, however, walking will not be an issue. She can expect bruising for 2 to 3 weeks and if needed she can use an athletic-type pant for a soft support.
Listen to the patient describe her experience. She was completely awake for the procedure in which Dr. Kane provided an initial numbing injection so that the thread procedure was very tolerable. She was able to drive herself to and from the office.

Watch Dr. Dean Kane Perform a Non-Surgical Smoothing and Tightening of the Skin on the Back of the Legs and Buttocks

The crepey, irregular and dimpling of the skin on the back upper thigh, banana rolls and buttocks are areas that women continuously cover up. There are no surgical procedures that help these areas which makes the dissolvable PDO EuroThreads a wonderful option for women looking to improve these areas of the body.

Watch Dr. Kane inject the PDO EuroThreads in a basket weave approach to create a support structure within the skin. As the PDO Threads dissolve they will stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin to plump and firm the skin tissues starting at about 2 weeks.  The effect of the Threads will continue to last up to 2 years. The thighs and buttocks will have reversed in aging so that these areas are now starting to age again but at a more youthful starting point.

Recovery will require that the patient not use her legs for strenuous exercising and to be careful to not sit firmly on her buttocks for 3 weeks to allow the threads to set in place. There is no other post recovery requirements. Firm athletic-style pants would be recommended for a soft support to the threads.

This patient was completely awake without any anesthesia. Dr. Kane used only local numbing medication so that she would not feel the insertion of these Threads. She was able to drive herself to the procedure and home again. She was told to expect bruising and soreness for approximately 3 weeks in which Tylenol and ice compresses are all that is needed for discomfort.

Watch Dr. Kane Explain How He Plans to Rejuvenate Aging Hands Using Dissolvable PDO EuroThreads

As women age, their hands show the signs of thinning and wrinkling. While fillers such as Restylane Lyft and Radiesse can be used to plump up the back of the  hands, they do not improve the actual thin nature of the skin on the hands.  Now with the use of PDO EuroThreads, the actual skin can be rejuvenated to create a thicker quality to the skin itself. Dr. Kane will explain how the EuroThreads will stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin tissues to make them thicker, firmer and more resilient.

Listen to the patient describe her experience of being injected with the PDO EuroThreads. She had no sedation anesthesia and was completely comfortable with the procedure after Dr. Kane provided a numbing block to her hands. She was told to expect bruising and that the effect will take approximately 4 weeks to begin to see the collagen production as the threads have begun to dissolve. She will be able to use her hands, but was instructed to not put pressure on them regarding heavy lifting and yoga type exercising that requires using her hands.

Keeping up the rejuvenation process is easy with minimally invasive injections of further Threads, Sculptra stimulation, filler volumizing and retinoids.

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