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Facial Liposuction Performed by Dr. Dean Kane, Columbia, MD

Facial Liposuction Performed by Dr. Dean Kane, Columbia, MD

Zoom meetings have created an awareness among people seeing their faces online and seeing flaws and features they are not happy with. One such feature is the fullness of their faces, jawlines, chins, and necks lacking definition. The excess fat in these areas can often make people feel older and less attractive.

The fat in the face and neck are not easy to lose with just diet and exercise. Genetics plays a large role as well in which family members may have similar round faces and double chins.

Dr. Dean Kane, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, performs liposuction of the cheeks, jowls, chin, and neck. Dr. Kane considers facial liposuction a minimally invasive procedure where unwanted and stubborn fat is removed from the face and neck providing a permanent slenderized and contoured appearance of the cheeks, jawline, and neck.

Advantages of Facial Liposuction

  • Liposuction is a permanent solution to removal unwanted fat. This procedure generally is only done once and does not have to be repeated. Fat can come back if excess weight gain occurs in the future. At that time the liposuction procedure can be done again.
  • Facial liposuction provides a sharper and more defined face, jawline, chin, and neck.
  • There is no surgical skin removal with this procedure, therefore the scars are tiny (1/4 inch) and hidden in the hairline, so they are not seen once healed.
  • The procedure can be done in an office setting under local anesthesia.

How is the Liposuction Procedure Performed?

Dr. Kane performs the liposuction procedure in the office of Dermatology and Advanced Skin Care in Columbia, MD. This beautiful office setting is ideal to allow patients to undergo the procedure under oral sedation medications and Pronox, a laughing gas. The combination of this type of sedation with local anesthesia that numbs the entire face provides the patient with a complete relaxed experience. Dr. Kane has 35 years of experience of performing liposuction in which he uses a small canula to remove the fat. Tiny incisions, less than ¼ inch are placed in the hairline by the temples, behind the earlobes and just under the chin. These heal very quickly and are rarely ever seen once healed.

As a bonus, Dr. Kane offers his patients the ability to use the fat removed from the lower face to transfer it into the cheeks, lips, or temples. Fat transfer of your own fat is a wonderful alternative to fillers.

Liposuction of Specific Facial Features


People with round faces tend to have no definition between their cheeks down toward their jawlines. When looking at a fashion model’s face, what is attractive is the full cheeks that curve down into a sculpted and well-defined jawline. For patients with full or round faces, Dr. Kane’s goals are to perform his liposuction technique to achieve a similar model’s appearance. He purposely lipo-contours from the bottom of the cheeks removing the fat all along the lower part of the face down to the jawline. This technique changes the shape from a full or round face to a much more sculpted and slenderized heart shape. The goal of the heart shaped face is to have prominent cheeks with a well-defined and contoured lower face.


Jowls are the result of fat accumulating along the jawline that makes the lower face look heavy. The jowls also cause the marionette lines or folds from the corners of the mouth to the jawline to look even more pronounced. By using liposuction, Dr. Kane removes this unwanted fat along the jawline reducing the thickness and folds that were created by the excess fat in the lower face. Patients enjoy much more definition in their jawlines.

Double Chins

Thickness that just falls right under chin reduces the slender profile of a patient’s face. Patients often show Dr. Kane a sideview picture of themselves where the face and neck look slender, but the double chin changes the entire appearance of the patients. Liposuction is an easy fix for this problem, as Dr. Kane removes this fat and therefore removes the double chin appearance. In recovery, patients will see a gradually sliming of the neck as the skin adheres tight up against the chin.


Fat accumulation under the chin, along the jawline and down along the length of  the neckline that leaves an blurred angle with no definition. A turkey neck is usually the description often used to describe this level of fat thickness. Dr. Kane will liposuction this entire neck and jawline to recreate a contoured neck. The jawline and neck look crisper and much more slenderized returning the neck to an attractive and sharper angle.

Liposuction Recovery

Dr. Kane explains to his patients to be patient! It takes 2-3 weeks for the bulk of the bruising and swelling to subside. The full result takes place approximately 3 months when most of the residual swelling is gone. At the same time, the collagen formation under the skin that helps keep the skin adhered to the underlying tissues also takes about 3 months. In this time, the neck gets tighter, more defined and slenderized. For the first 3 to 4 weeks Dr. Kane has his patients use a face garment to help reduce the swelling and support the newly liposuction skin to adhere to the neck. He shows them specific massage techniques to help provide a smoother result.

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Dr. Dean Kane sees patients at Dermatology and Advanced Skin Care at 8890 McGaw Road, Suite 150, Columbia, MD 21045 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Request a consultation by calling Lauri Kane directly at 410-602-3322 or email her at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com.