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Dr. Dean Kane’s Options for Rejuvenation Treatments for the Hands

Many women and men as we age begin to lose the volume in our hands, veins being more prominent and skin appears thin and crepey.  In addition, older women and men who may be on blood thinners or naturally bruise easily find their hands with purple bruises that make them feel uncomfortable in public.

Dr. Dean Kane has two treatment options to help women and men to restore their hand volume and help reduce the bruising issues with aging. These are the 2 main options:

1. Radiesse Filler Treatments

Radiesse Filler Treatments: Radiesse is a white calcium synthetic filler and collagen stimulator that provides instant and progressive plumpness to the dorsal or back of the hands that have wrinkled due to lost volume. Being a thicker white filler, Dr. Kane will dilute the Radiesse so that it easily gets injected into the hands and is then massaged throughout the back of the hands. The advantage of Radiesse being white, provides a brightening to the hands as well as stimulating an  instant replacement of the lost volume, firming and reduction of wrinkles.

 2. Sculptra Treatments

Sculptra Treatment for the hands is the second option for rejuvenation. For patients concerned with not only the loss of volume but the bruising issues, Sculptra is the optimal choice. Sculptra not only stimulates collagen, elastin and many other structural molecules, but increases skin’s ability for healthier healing properties. The skin becomes stronger with greater ability to reduce the risk of bruising as over time, the Sculptra will revitalize and fill out the thinning dorsal hands as it does in treating face and neck skin laxity, filling temple hollows and under-eye hollows, crepey lower eyelids and buttock / thigh cellulite.

What are the differences between Sculptra and Radiesse?

Dr. Kane will help you decide which one is best based on your concerns and goals. Radiesse only requires one treatment with an faster visual result. Sculptra will require 2 or more treatments done over a 4-6 week period to achieve the optimal result. Sculptra takes 12 weeks to see the results, but Sculptra continues to stimulate healthy properties of the skin for 12 months. Dr. Kane highly recommends to have an annual treatment every year to maintain the fullness, firmness, and wrinkle reduction of the back of the hands and reducing their aging effects.

What is the recovery of hand injections?

As you can expect, the hands will swell which can take one to two weeks for the swelling to subside. Dr. Kane requires you to massage the hands in an upward direction toward the wrists to evenly spread out the injections as well as help get the swelling out of the hands.

What is the cost for Sculptra vs Radiesse?

The cost of Sculptra is $895 per vial and only 1 vial is used for both hands. However, you need to plan for 2 treatments so the cost would be $1790 for both sessions. You will only need one treatment every year, so the annual cost is only $895.

The cost of Radiesse is $1500 for both hands. You only need the one treatment. Because the Radiesse will last for one year, you will need to do the treatment yearly.

Contact Dr. Dean Kane for a consultation:

If you are interested in learning more about hand rejuvenation treatments, please contact Dr. Dean Kane at 410-602-3322 extension 5. Lauri Kane is always available by email at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com to ask her any questions you may have. Please be sure to watch the videos of Dr. Dean Kane performing both the Radiesse and the Sculptra injections for the hands on our website: DrDeanKane.com.