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Large, protruding or irregularly shaped ears can compromise self-confidence at any age. Ear pinning or reshaping surgery, medically termed otoplasty, is one of the procedures Baltimore plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Kane offers his patients. The procedure can alter the position, size, and shape of the ears, assisting men, women and children in improving their self-image.

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**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

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Most of Dr. Kane’s otoplasty patients are adults who are looking to put long-standing embarrassment about their protruding ears behind them. Dr. Kane can also perform the procedure for patients as young as five years old. These youngsters benefit from ending the teasing they sometimes experience and by avoiding self esteem issues in the future.

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Otoplasty – Baltimore Plastic Surgery

Otoplasty surgery begins with an incision made along the back side of the ear. Through this incision excess cartilage and unneeded tissue is removed. As the incisions are closed the ears are repositioned more closely to the sides of the head, reducing protrusion. The ears are then bandaged and allowed to heal into their new position. Depending on the specifics of the case, otoplasty can take one to two hours to complete.

After Your Otoplasty

Following otoplasty surgery, contact with the ears should be avoided during the healing process. Normal activities may be resumed within several weeks of the surgery. Most patients are pleased to discover they experience only mild discomfort following their procedure.

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