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Dr. Kane’s ThreadLift Experience

Dr. Dean Kane has 17 Years of Experience with Non-Surigcal Thread Lifts and 35 years of  Performing Surgical Facelifts

Dr. Kane has been using threads to provide a non-surgical facelift since 2005 called Contour Threads when they were first FDA approved. He has tremendous experience and success with using thread lifting for his patients. He continues to seek the best options for his patients who are seeing non-surgical solutions for face and neck lifts. He understands that people do not have the downtime for a surgical facelift and are looking for a minimally invasive approach that does not require anesthesia and limited downtime. The Injectable PDO and PLLA Threads created by Eurothreads provide the most advanced options that Dr. Kane now offers to his patients. Patients can drive themselves to the treatment and with the use of local anesthetic and ProNox (a laughing gas), Dr. Kane provides a very comfortable and easy solution for all his patients.

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