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Silhouette InstaLift of Face

This 51 year old Asian Woman with a weak chin and jowls desired a stronger chin and jawline to minimize her jowls. Dr. Dean Kane used 2 Restylane Lyfts within chin and sides of the front of her jawline to extend her recessed chin. With the simple injections of fillers, Dr. Kane was able to give her a much better well-defined chin and jawline.

Being so please with her filler results of her chin, the same Asian Woman wanted a more defined cheeks and lift of her lower face. Dr. Dean Kane used his unique threadlift technique to accent her cheeks with Euro-PDO Threads and did micro-liposuction of her jawline. This combination of the Threadlift with lipo-contouring gave her much more definition and contour of her entire face.

59 year old woman with melasma who started the obagi system with Dr. Kane 13 years ago.

Over the years she had a VI peel to help with the pigmentation.

Over time she continued to stay on the Obagi system, had TCA Chemical Peels and a threadlift in 2021.

Her skin is clear of pigmentation, creamy and tighter and firmer.