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Thread Lift

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Silhouette InstaLift of Face

This 51 year old Asian Woman with a weak chin and jowls desired a stronger chin and jawline to minimize her jowls. Dr. Dean Kane used 2 Restylane Lyfts within chin and sides of the front of her jawline to extend her recessed chin. With the simple injections of fillers, Dr. Kane was able to give her a much better well-defined chin and jawline.

Being so please with her filler results of her chin, the same Asian Woman wanted a more defined cheeks and lift of her lower face. Dr. Dean Kane used his unique threadlift technique to accent her cheeks with Euro-PDO Threads and did micro-liposuction of her jawline. This combination of the Threadlift with lipo-contouring gave her much more definition and contour of her entire face.