Face-It Fitness Boot Camp Series

We are going to keep you beautiful! You may be at home, but don’t lose your glow.  Get your skin in shape and join us for our Face-It Fitness Boot Camp. Click here to learn more about our current special on product orders: FREE shipping and FREE gift!   Topic 1: Which Sunscreen is Right… Read more »

Levantamiento de silueta/hilo para la mandíbula

¿Seré un buen candidato para el levantamiento de silueta (Silhouette InstaLift) o Levantamiento de hilo en la línea de la mandíbula / cara inferior? Generalmente tengo un área hueca entre mi mejilla inferior externa. ¿Mi doctor recomendad un levantamiento de hilo, pero seré yo un buen candidato como tengo huecos alrededor de mi boca y mentón? … Read more »

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Non-surgical, Creams, Minimally Invasive ThermiVa or Surgical Vaginoplasty

Q. Wanted to know what procedure is better to have? Considering my concerns on have a younger tighter more youthful-looking vagina. I don’t wanna waste my money. I want to get my money’s worth. I’m 35 and had three vaginal births A. We are living in an era of expanded possibilities for personal enhancement. These… Read more »

COVID-19 Update

As our communities continue to feel the impact of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), please know that we are closely monitoring the guidelines from the CDC in response. We will continue to take additional steps to keep our patients and staff safe and to prevent the spread of illness across our community. • Free Virtual screenings… Read more »

What Do I Do About My Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Dark Circles under the eyes is one of the main reasons why patients come to expert injector Dr. Dean Kane, board-certified plastic surgeon in Baltimore, MD.  Patients complain that their dark circles cause them to look tired. To understand how to help the dark circles you need to know what the causes of dark coloration… Read more »