Lauri Kane’s Beauty Advice and Personal Cosmetic Experiences

 Lauri Kane’s Beauty Advice and Personal Cosmetic Experiences Making The Decision To Have My Facelift Being the wife of a plastic surgeon puts me in an unusual predicament. I’m looked at for what I do as much as for what I don’t do cosmetically. I can’t look overdone or underdone. But when I make decisions… Read more »

Lauri Kane’s One Year Facelift Blog

One Year Post Lauri Kane’s Facelift  Well time flies. As we tell patients, your facelift results will look their best at the one year mark. Here I am at one year. I have been extremely pleased with how my face softened over the entire year. People still can’t believe that I had a facelift and… Read more »

Lauri Kane’s 3 Personal “Fountain of Youth” Treatments

Here is the unfortunate fact: we all keep aging on a daily basis. Over the years, these small daily changes build up subtly and begins to show its “ugly face” starting around 40ish and just keeps going downhill from there. While your alternative is even more undesirable, we need to be grateful to be alive… Read more »

Hinchazón de la mejilla después de la inyección de ácido hialurónico (HA)

¿Por qué tengo dos pequeños sacos de líquidos dos semanas después de Restylane Silk debajo del ojo? Han pasado 2 semanas desde que me pusieron la seda Restylane Silk debajo del ojo. Las últimas dos mañanas cuando desperté me di cuenta lo que parecen dos pequeños sacos llenos de líquido debajo de mi ojo izquierdo. … Read more »

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Tyndall, Bruise or Possibly Ischemia Following Silk Injection to Forehead

Q. Bruising or Tyndall Effect from after Restylane Silk injected in my cheeks and forehead today? Today I had some restylane silk injected into my cheeks and some some on my forehead. I’m noticing this reddish mark that goes upwards from a point of injection. (The redness higher on my forehead is from my hat,… Read more »

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Non-surgical and Minimally Invasive Options besides a Facelift Following Massive Weight Loss

Q.  I’m wondering if I’m too young for a facelift: I’m 22 years old and I lost 62 pounds. I have excess skin under my chin and I was wondering if I was too young to get a face lift? A. Congratulations on your weight loss! There are so many issues to consider so please… Read more »

The NEW Medicine, Antibody Drugs

Sixty plus years ago, the nuclear genome was crystalized and envisioned as a double helix. 40 years ago, I sat in my pre-medical biochemistry class understanding the basic structure of the gene, anti-bodies and what function they played in the body. I had a “ah-ha” moment and like others saw the origin of a new… Read more »