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Sculptra for Crepey Skin of the Hands, Arms and Neck

Sculptra for Crepey Skin of the Hands, Arms and Neck

Sculptra for Crepey Skin on Arms

Sculptra works even on older aging crepey skin to thicken and smooth the skin on upper arms. Women who feel they can no longer wear sleeveless dresses or blouses due to old looking arms now have a real option to improve the quality of their arms. Sculptra is a real solution for women who do not want to turn to a surgical solution for their loose skin due to the long scar down the arm. The Sculptra treatment for crepey skin will require 1-2 vials of Sculptra per upper arm and a minimum of 2 sessions done 6 weeks apart. Depending on the desired outcome, a third treatment may also been needed. The Sculptra will stimulate collagen and elastin for an entire year so by the end of the year the arms will continue to look even smoother and tighter. A yearly injection of Sculptra will be needed to maintain the effects.

Sculptra for Buttocks and Thighs

Women who have dips and cellulite of their thighs and buttocks will be excited to know that Sculptra can stimulate the collagen and elastin in these divots and irregularities of the skin. Sculptra will stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin to fill in and tighten the bumpiness and imperfections of the skin. Sculptra also helps women who have had a poor outcome from a liposuction procedure where they were left with asymmetric and irregularities of the skin. There is also a desire by women who feel they have hip dips and want to fill in their outer hips to give them a smooth outer figure to enhance their curves of their buttocks.

Treatments of Sculptra for the Buttocks and Thighs will require multiple vials of Sculptra depending on the size of the area that is being treated. It will also require a minimum of 2 treatments and possibly a third treatment spread over 6 weeks apart. The good news is that throughout the year, the skin continues to improve, get smoother and tighter. A yearly injection of Scuptra will be required to maintain the smooth and tight skin.

Sculptra for Loose and Crepey Neck Skin

Women and men who are concerned with skin laxity of the neck can use Sculptra to firm and tighten their necks. Even young people starting in their 40’s start to see laxity along their jawlines and neck and do not want to turn to surgery to deal with this loose skin. For women who have aging and crepey skin of the neck, Sculptra is the ideal solution to smooth and tighten the quality of the skin.

Sculptra for Thin, Aging, and Sun-Damaged Hands

Hands have naturally thin skin, but with aging the loss of collage and elastin become more apparent as the top of the hands shows signs of sun damage, prominent bigger veins, and crepey looking skin. Sculptra and topical Retinoids are the ideal treatments to thicken skin and eliminate the sun damaged appearance. Sculptra injections will stimulate even the thin

The pigmentation of the outer surface can be dramatically helped not only with the use of retinoids but also skin lighteners. Dr. Zein Obagi’s Skin Health System was created to reverse and eliminate brown pigmentation, age spots and old dead layers of the skin that gives skin an old appearance. This is a home treatment that is done daily to achieve healthy smooth looking skin.

Treatments for Crepey Skin of Necks, Décolleté, Arms and Hands

Causes of Crepey Skin

Crepey Skin is the result of loss of collagen, elastin and other skin properties like hyaluronic acid that would normally keep the skin supple, thick, and firm. The causes of crepey skin or loss of collagen and elastin are due to multiple factors such as normal aging, genetics, sun-damage, medications such as chronic use of prednisone, dehydration, smoking and environmental pollution. But in the normal aging process, generally over the age of 40, our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen and elastin resulting in the thinning of the skin. The word Crepey comes from crepe paper that is crinkling, which is a great description for our skin’s thin, wrinkling appearance. The crepey skin is mostly seen on the neck, décolleté, arms and hands.

Treatment of Crepey Skin

The good news is that we have treatments that can reverse the crepey skin to become more youthful of the neck, décolleté, arms and hands. Since the cause of thin, brittle wrinkled skin is due to the loss of collagen, elastin, and skin properties the treatments are focused to replace these important skin structures. Dr. Dean Kane in his Columbia, MD office has a dual treatment approach. He believes that treating the skin above and below the surface will create a synergy of stimulating all the necessary skin properties to reverse the aging of the skin.

Sculptra Injections

Dr. Kane uses Sculptra injections below the surface of the skin to stimulate and force your skin to produce collage and elastin when the skin’s own production has begun to slow down. The forced production not only stops the loss of collagen and elastin, but reverses aging and results in more youthful looking skin. Sculptra stimulates all the amazing youthful properties of the skin for a full year. By the end of a year, the skin looks younger and healthier. As long as patients continue to use yearly Sculptra Treatments, in essence, Sculptra becomes the fountain of youth to stop and reverse the aging process.

Topical Retinoids and Retin A

Dr. Kane instructs his patients to use a home skin care program of retinoids from Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health System. Dr. Kane believes that a daily home regiment of stimulating the skins collagen and elastin on the surface of the skin will exfoliate the dead outer layers of the skin and stimulate these dermal layers to also become smoother, tighter, and creamier.

 This dual action of stimulating the skin’s collagen and elastin from below the surface with Sculptra and above the skin with topical Retinoids will have a greater impact on stopping the aging of the skin, reversing the skin’s damage, and stimulating a continuous youthful process. The skin does NOT have to age even if it biologically wants to.

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