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Healthy Skin Care Solutions- Dr. Dean Kane’s NEWEST ZO Approaches to Achieve Beautiful Glowing Healthy Skin  

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Lauri Kane before and after ZO Product use.


**Individual results may vary from patient to patient**

For over 25 years Dr. Dean Kane has been providing therapeutic health care solutions to achieve beautiful glowing healthy skin. The goal for his patients continues to be to provide skincare approaches that result in smooth, clear, dewy skin free of disease, acne, hyper-pigmentation, oiliness, redness, and scarring.
Dr. Dean Kane is proud to announce that he is again part of Dr. Zein Obagi’s Skin Health Exclusive Faculty to teach and introduce the newest generation of ZO Medical Therapeutic Solutions. With this new generation of ZO Skin Health, Dr. Kane will effectively bring to his patients the most up to date and state of the art skincare products in achieving truly youthful beautiful skin.
Importantly, Dr. Kane provides a comprehensive skin health approach for people of all ages, skin types, skin color, and gender. In particular, Dr. Kane is proud to offer skincare for people of color and all diversities. Dr. Kane has attracted patients from all cultures of people, such as Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, African American, Mediterranean, Turkish, and Southeast Asia.

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What is the difference between the older generation of Obagi Nu Derm versus the new ZO Skin Health?

While the philosophy remains the same, to use a daily regimen of skincare products that reach into deeper dermis skin layers to stimulate new cell renewal and regeneration, it is the method of delivery of these skin products that has changed. The new technology and advances in skin therapy have enabled Dr. Zein Obagi hence ZO to create complex bio-engineered delivery systems that make his new ZO Skin Products even more effective than the prior generation.

His newest philosophy includes Getting Skin Ready (GSR) for ZO Skin Therapeutics. The goal of GSR is to build skin strength and deep skin renewal. Using the GSR ZO Skin Products to stimulate, hydrate and calm the skin. The special GSR Skin Products provide DNA repair, improve skin barrier function, overall improvement to the skin health prior to, or in a combination of, skin correction.

In addition, for those people who want a strong maintenance program, Dr. Obagi has formulated two very unique stand-alone skin products that will provide brightening and stimulation of the skin that complement the full system approach. The great news is that the ZO Skin Health products are better than ever, more effective and LESS expensive. Please call our office, (410) 602-3322 to schedule your personal consultation.
You can also look forward to a whole new roster of ZO Peels that ranges from a lunchtime polishing to a deep exfoliation of brightening and tightening.


The ZO Stimulating Peel Facial is designed as a lunchtime peel to exfoliate the skin with no downtime. Using beta/alpha acid stimulators will stimulate cellular turnover, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and improves skin textures and tones.

ZO Acne and Oil Control Treatment are ideal to minimize oil production, large pores, and inflammation. Using a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acids is ideal to work on the acne process by removing impurities, bacteria, and oils of the skin. A ZO Bio-Sulfur Masque is applied to detoxify the skin and create a calmer, clear and healthier skin.

ZO Skin Brightening and Rejuvenation Treatment will restore skin clarity, reduce pigmentation and discoloration. Using lactic acid, citric, and salicylic acids to restore skin brightness and exfoliate the skin to minimize skin textures and pore size. This rich treatment uses moisturizing cleansers and creams that use anti-oxidants and vitamins to fortify the skin and stimulate the growth of healthy glowing cells.

ZO Controlled Depth Peel (TCA) is a fairly strong peel treatment that will effectively reduce brown pigmentation, improve the texture of the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A person undergoing this treatment will need prior preparation with Tretinoin and Melamix or Retamax. A 7 day recovery period is to be expected. It is a highly effective treatment that will tighten and brighten and equals the effects of a CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, but much less discomfort than laser treatment.

To find out about our Skin Health Products in Maryland, call the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa at (410) 602-3322 and ask for Lauri Kane. Schedule a Consultation Today

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This very rich and creamy cleanser removes oil and impurities from the skin while providing nourishing, moisturizing and calming effects to the skin.


This cleanser is ideal for oil and acne prone skin. It has a dual function of exfoliating and cleansing both the oils and impurities of the skin and decreases surface bacteria that contribute to the acne process.



This wonderful toner helps soothe dry, sensitive or irritated skin while creating the right ph balance to allow all the ZO products to easily penetrate the skin.



Using a 2% salicylic acid, these highly effective acne pads are ideal to reduce the oils, bacteria and dead layers of skin cells which are all the culprits of acne. The pads also have a soothing emollient to calm and reduce acne redness.



Using the powerful combination of glycolic and lactic acid, Glycogent, is ideal to accelerate cellular turnover at the surface level while reducing discoloration of the skin.



Melamin is used to lighten and control hyperpigmentation using a 4% prescription level of hydroquinone. It is highly effective at going deep into the dermis to reduce melanin production at the cellular level. Melanin is what gives us our brown tones to the skin. The ZO Melamin skin product helps to control and inhibit overproduction of the brown pigment when our skin is exposed to too much sunlight or in essence sun damage. This product must be used with an exfoliator such as ZO Melamix and Tretinoin or Retamax that has powerful retinol.


Brightenex is one of Dr. Obagi’s newest formulations that are a stand-alone skin lightener product. Uniquely formulated to control hyperpigmentation to achieve even skin tones and color as well as stimulate skin renewal for fine lines. Because Brightenex contains retinol with a unique delivery system, it is strong enough to be used alone without any other stimulator such as tretinoin. It is the perfect product to be used as an introduction to the ZO Skin Health philosophy or as a complement during the maintenance phase of the entire system.



The first generation of Dr. Obagi’s skin renewal program was and is today to mix the powerful combination of Tretinoin (0.1%, 0.05% or .025%) with a highly effective skin cream that would penetrate the Tretinoin deep into the dermis layers stimulating new cellular turnover. This has been and is today the essence of skin rejuvenation and youthful skin. When new skin is stimulated to come to the surface, the old layers shed away and new skin appears clearer, smoother, hydrated and toned. Fine lines are reduced as the old skin layers peel away giving way to plump new skin cells. Facial skin appears brighter, tighter and glowing. The new ZO Melamix offers an even greater ability to help the traditional tretinoin penetrate more effectively giving way to better skin regeneration


Dr. Obagi created this second stand-alone product that uses 1% Retinol and special plant stem cell antioxidants to stimulate skin renewal and cellular turnover also at the deeper dermis layers by using a very unique delivery system. Like Tretinoin, the Retinol will stimulate your own natural production of hyaluronic acid which is what gives us our own natural soft plumpness and hydration of our skin. Retamax is the perfect product again to be used as a new comer to the ZO line of skin products or as a maintenance product to provide continue anti-aging effects to your skin.

Other Products


LATISSE® solution is an actual growth treatment. In fact, it’s the only FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to grow lashes. And it’s the only lash growth product of its kind available by prescription. 

To find out about our Skin Health Products in Maryland, call the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa at (410) 602-3322 and ask for Lauri Kane. Schedule a Consultation Today