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Sculptra for Cellulite & Liposuction Irregularities

Dr. Dean Kane uses Sculptra to Help Cellulite, Liposuction Atrophies, and Fibrosis

Whether you are experiencing skin deformities, dimpling or skin irregularities from unwanted cellulite or surgical procedures from liposuction, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Dean Kane finds that Sculptra is extremely helpful in smoothing and filling in these irregularities of the skin of the body.

How Does Sculptra Help Cellulite?

Sculptra is a natural aesthetic called PLLA or Poly-L-Lactic Acid. Originally PLLA was first created as a dissolvable suture, but found to not only close a wound, but to also stimulate your own collagen and elastin naturally. This special dissolvable suture was reformulated into a fine powder that is reconstituted with anti-bacterial water to become an injectable. Sculptra is injected under the skin which increases skin volume and stronger structure of the skin. Sculptra smooths the skin and fills in the dimpling and depressions in the skin.

Sculptra to the Rescue to Smooth and Fill in Irregularities due to Cellulite.

Dr. Kane injects Sculptra into these pockets of irregularities to stimulate your own tissues to fill in and smooth out the dimples and dents. Sculptra is not a filler, but are injections that stimulate your own collagen, elastin, and all skin properties. Sculptra helps cellulite and crepey skin. To achieve a full correction of these deformities, treatments will require multiple vials of Sculptra over 6-week intervals. Patients can expect a minimum of 2 sessions if not up to 3 to 4 sessions with multiple vials per session depending on the severity of the irregularities.  Dr. Kane strongly recommends massage of the treated areas with Sculptra to get an even distribution of the Sculptra and prevention of tiny nodules. In Dr. Kane’s 20 years’ experience of using Sculptra on the face, neck, arms, body and buttocks, he finds that the formation of nodules is rare and easily managed with adherence to his massage protocol.

Causes of Uneven and Lumpy Skin after Liposuction

When fat is being removed by Liposuction, the body creates natural scar tissue under the skin that helps the skin to adhere back to the body. In the initial phase of healing, this scar tissue feels lumpy and bumpy. Dr. Kane calls this scarring the glue that helps the skin feel firm and tight to the body after the removal of the fat. Dr. Kane strongly recommends to his patients to massage 2 to 3 times a day for a minimum of 3 months to help soften these naturally occurring lumps and bumps, so the skin smooths out evenly with time.

However, liposuction fibrosis is the thickening of the skin or unwanted scar formation that does not soften with massage. Liposuction fibrosis can cause asymmetries and deformities. Dr. Kane tells his patients that it usually can take up to a year for the full healing from liposuction. If after a year, the deformity has persisted then Dr. Kane uses Sculptra to fill in theses uneven dents and dimpling caused by the liposuction fibrosis.


Lipodystrophy of the Skin is due to Medical Conditions

Lipodystrophy is a rare disorder that causes the loss of fat due to auto-immune conditions such as Lupus, dermatomyositis, pernicious anemia, Celiac disease, and vasculitis. While it sounds like irregularities caused by liposuction, Lipodystrophy is a rare syndrome that causes the body to lose fat in some areas and gain fat in others. The loss of fat looks like dents and dimples. These can also arise from the continual injections of insulin for diabetes and with steroid injections.

While Sculptra can be used to help these irregularities, Dr. Kane will only use Sculptra for those patients who have been cleared by their Rheumatologist. Auto-immune patients are often on medications that put them at risk of infection. It is for this reason that Dr. Kane takes the extra caution by requiring these patients to get clearance by their medical doctors before offering the Sculptra procedure.

Virtual Consultation for Sculptra with Dr. Dean Kane in his Columbia, MD Office

You can call Lauri Kane, Cosmetic Consultant for Dr. Kane, directly on her cell phone at 410-530-0808 or email her at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com to discuss if you are a good candidate for Sculptra.  Lauri and Dr. Kane offer a virtual consultation in which you can send photos of the areas that you have concerns to Lauri’s email. When they receive your photos, they will give you a call and discuss if you are a good candidate for Sculptra Treatments. In your email be sure to include your name and cell phone so they can contact you. The virtual consultation enables you to have the Sculptra Treatment on the same day as your in-office consultation in their Columbia, MD office.  There is no charge for the virtual consultation. Lauri will be able to explain in full detail what you should expect in the treatment, how many vials will be needed, costs, and recovery. Dr. Kane and Lauri look forward to seeing how they can help you.