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Fillers for Under the Eye Area in Columbia, MD

Fillers for Under the Eye Area in Columbia, MD

Dr. Kane is an expert at using fillers under the eye areas. Patients can have unique problems with their under eyes, specifically hollowing or loss of volume. Bags that protrude from under the eyes are another big concern. The following are how these issues for under the eye areas are addressed with fillers with Dr. Dean Kane in his Columbia office.

What can I do about my dark hollows under my eyes?

I’m Always Looking Tired! Dr. Dean Kane, plastic surgeon and expert injector in Baltimore, MD, has the ideal solution for dark hollows under the eyes. Dr. Kane uses Radiesse filler to plump the hollowness and lighten the darkness. Patients are always telling Dr. Kane I am always looking tired. The usual cause of darkness is the loss of fat that used to cover over the blue hue of the eye muscle. The muscle of the eyes is now directly exposed right under the skin giving a dark bluish coloration to the skin. A depression is caused by the lack of fat no longer there to plump the lower lids.

What injection techniques are used to place fillers in the cheeks?

Generally, there are 2 techniques: tear trough filler and a cannula technique. Dr. Dean Kane being a plastic surgeon likes to use the cannula technique. He first numbs the cheeks with a lidocaine injections and using a blunted needle (cannula) places the fillers deep along the cheek bone. This technique gives a very smooth and pillow like effect to the skin. This avoids having lumps and bumps under the eyes.


How many dermal fillers do I need to fill the hollows of my lower eyelids?

Generally, Dr. Kane starts with 1 cc Restylane Lyft per cheek. However, if you have a fairly deep hollow then Dr. Kane would recommend adding in another half per side at the same time or waiting a couple of weeks and seeing how it looks. You can always add in more at anytime.

Which filler is the best to plump up the cheeks?

Dr. Dean Kane’s go-to filler is Restylane Lyft. This filler gives the best plump at the best value. It is very similar to Voluma by Juvederm but Restylane Lyft gives better value for the costs and last the same timing.

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