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Fillers for Lip Lines with Dr. Dean Kane in Columbia, MD

Fillers for Lip Lines with Dr. Dean Kane in Columbia, MD

Lips are one of the most important features of a woman’s face. Women are incredibly focused on maintaining their youthful smoothness and volume, but at the same time are terribly afraid of bad lip results and the pain of the injections as well. Goldie Hawn in the Good Wives Club and other movie stars today have displayed all that can go wrong and all that can look terribly exaggerated.

Sadly, most people don’t realize that lip injections done right can be beautiful and extremely natural. Dr. Dean Kane in his new Columbia office has been using fillers in lips for 35 years and is an expert injector.

 Dr. Kane is truly an artist with lips. He knows exactly how to inject, what to inject, and how much to inject to get that perfect restored natural youthful lips and pout. He actively listens to his patients’ desires and selects a personalized approach to get your lips just right for your unique needs.

Causes of Lip Lines

Lip lines are caused by multiple reasons. One of which is due to the loss of volume in the lips with aging. Smokers often suffer from lip lines or smoker lines due to the constant puckering of the lips around the cigarettes. Fillers are the very best way of taking care of the lip line problem as the filler volumizes the lips and spreads out the lip lines. But Botox is often used as well especially for the women with smoker lines.

How can I get natural looking fuller lips with dermal filler?

Combination Treatments for Lips 

Dr. Kane uses the combination of the muscle relaxers (Botox, Dysport or Daxxify) to stop you from squeezing the lips and making them form the lip lines. Then he injects with Restylane Lyft or Kysse for plumping. If you don’t desire bigger lips, but hate the lip lines, then Restylane Refyne or RHA2 is used in the lip border that spreads out the lines and gives you soft natural lips without adding volume to the lips. There are really so many lip options and Dr. Kane is committed to being an expert injector with 35 years of experience to get your lips just right for you.*

Are lip injections painful?

Regarding the pain of the injections, Dr. Kane has a wonderful numbing process that effectively alleviates the pain of the lip injection. We now have a very unique topical numbing medication that truly works. (lnsert Jessica’s video testimonial about lip injections.) In addition, Dr. Kane has his assistant hold ice on the lips while Dr. Kane injects the filler. If patients are still very sensitive or anxious then Dr. Kane offers ProNox which is a laughing gas that gives a patient a euphoria sensation and reduces anxiety tremendously. *

A Range of Fillers for Lip Lines and Loss of Volume

Dr. Kane uses a wide range of fillers for his patients depending on the problem and goals of his patients. He personizes his technique as well as which filler he thinks will work best.

For the most modest lips:

RHA2 or Revance Filler is the newest filler that is ideal for the woman who does not want any added volume to her lips but wants to smooth the lip lines. Dr. Kane injects the vermillion border of the lip as well as each of the lip lines. This filler is very elastic and smoothing and does not increase the volume of the lip but naturally gives the mouth a soft lip border and erases the lip lines. Dr. Kane’s patients love this filler and their immediate results. Insert RHA2 video of patient getting injecting. Gail Kaplan)

For women wanting the very natural enhanced lips:

Restylane Kysse Filler was developed to create soft natural sized lips. It is a medium size filler that after Dr. Kane injects, the patient looks very natural and soft. Kysse is excellent for a modest plump to the lips. It is also ideal for the first-time user of a filler to the lips. When women are ready to dive in to have their lips done but are afraid of what size their lips will become Dr. Kane will choose Kysse. Restylane Kysse has been a true winner when it comes to just the right filler, not too big and not too small!

For Women wanting the Full Pucker and Plump Lips:

Restylane Lyft Filler is our largest size volume filler that give women the full size plump and pucker. Women who have had their lips done in the past and are ready to go fuller, Dr. Kane choses Restylane Lyft. This filler also gives a very natural but much plumper appearance. For women wanting even fuller lips, Dr. Kane will mix two different fillers to get exactly the look that women are asking for.

For Women wanting The Russian Lip

The Russian Lip is a very unique look that women are now asking Dr. Kane to perform for them. Dr. Kane understands and knows exactly how to inject the lip to achieve this unique style of lips. Often more than one filler is needed to achieve this look. (find a picture of the Russian lip)

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