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Dry Skin

If you are looking for a relaxing and hydrating facial, you are in the right place. Timeless Anti-Aging treatment is a thorough deep cleansing and hydrating facial. Designed to improve the look of color tone, texture, and pores. Rid your skin of that dry look with extra hydration which softens the skin and leaves you with a radiant look. Our facial includes a light cleansing, a special polish to detox the skin, with added extractions and light glycolic peel. Finish with a relaxing hand treatment from essential oil and green tea. We have excellent hydrating moisturizers skin products from both ZO Skin Health and PCA Products. We will help you determine which one is suited for you.

Maintaining Glowing Healthy Skin Baltimore, Maryland

Good Skin Health Maintenance with Facials and Light Peels

Is your skin in a good healthy state but you want to maintain a refreshed glow? The MediSpa in the Baltimore office of Dr. Dean Kane has a comprehensive array of facials and light peels to keep the glow glowing. In addition, The ZO Skin Health Products has a Medispa line of products that include light retinols, antioxidants, wonderful moisturizers, an array of cleansers for all skin types, as well as scrubs and skin polishes and non-hydroquinone skin products.

Our facials and peels are personalized by our Esthetician’s Deb and Kelly to meet your skin needs and skin type. Both Deb and Kelly truly listen to your goals and help you determine what is ideal for you. We offer facial packages that you can pick and choose so that you can experience a different facial or peel every time you come in. Ideally having a routine monthly facial or peel will help achieve a more intense cleansing and exfoliation of the skin that you can’t get at home.

HydraFacials are a must-try facial. It’s like having water microdermabrasion. People fall in love with the HydraFacials and again Kelly and Deb can personalize the treatment to meet your skin needs. If you have a special occasion that you need a quick refreshed glow, HydraFacial is your go-to facial.