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Thread Lift Q&A with Dr. Dean Kane in Columbia, MD

Where Else on the Face Can You Use Threads?

Threads are extremely versatile. They come in all different lengths and barbs to lift the skin. Most of Dr. Kane’s patients are hoping to non-surgically lift their jowls and nasal folds. Dr. Kane is an extremely experienced plastic surgeon who has been using threads to non-surgically create facelifts for over 15 years. He has over 30 years of performing surgical face and neck lift surgeons. Because of his vast knowledge of performing these facial rejuvenation procedures he understands the anatomy of the face and experience to know how to place the threads to achieve your maximum results.

How is the Threadlift Procedure Performed and Is it Painful?

Dr. Dean Kane performs these threadlifts under a local anesthetic. Patients have a choice to use Pronox which is a nitrous oxygen “laughing gas” to reduce the anxiety of being given the local numbing injections that reduce the discomfort of the insertion of the threads. Patients can drive themselves to the office and home even after receiving the laughing gas.

Once your face is completely number from the local anesthetic, Dr. Kane places the threads from the hairline with a long needle. The threads have tiny barbs along the length of the entire suture which after being inserted under the skin, Dr. Kane pulls up on the threads to have them catch the skin from underneath. He actively pulls and lifts the skin back until he identifies that he has lifted the skin into a proper position.

Is There Any Cutting of My Skin?

There is no cutting of the skin, no stitches and no surgery. Only tiny punctures are done in the hairline to place the threads. The puncture areas closeup by themselves by the very next day. Dr. Kane recommends to his patients that they limit their facial expressions and avoid strenuous exercise for about 1 to 2 weeks so that the threads are not being pulled out of position.

How Long Does the Threadlift Last?

In general Dr. Kane tells his patients that the threads will last about a year. Skin care that aids in the longevity of the threads is to use Retinoids to stimulate your collagen topically. Avoid sun exposure which causes sun-damage to the skin. Adding Botox to the brows throughout the year of your Cat Eye Thread Procedure will help support the threadlift and give you greater longevity.

Who is a Good Candidate for Threadlifts?

Dr. Kane recommends threadlifts to patients who have minimal laxity of their skin. Patients who do not need a facelift but are seeing some laxity of their skin and wish to be tighter and lifted. Generally, patients are usually between 30s to 50s years old. Threadlifts are also excellent for people who have had a facelift in the past and want to be refreshed again. Dr. Kane has a saying “if you can pinch an inch of skin you are not a good candidate for a threadlift”. It means you have too much skin laxity for the threads to lift and stay up.

Can I Use the Threads to Tighten My Neck?

Dr. Kane feels that the threads are not strong enough to achieve a neck lift. Because of the constant turning motion of the neck, the threads do not hold as well as they do in the face. With his skill and experience in using threads, Dr. Kane does place the threads from the temples down to the jawline which does help lift the lateral sides of jowls and neckline. For greater tightening of neck skin, Dr. Kane uses Thermi-Tight Radio Frequency as a non-surgical procedure for neck lifting. Thermi-Tight uses a probe that is inserted under the skin to emit energy waves to stimulate your collagen and elastin for firming and tightening of the skin. The results last up to 3 to 4 years and patients have been extremely happy with this minimally invasive procedure.

Dr. Kane often combines doing a threadlift on the face and ThermiTight RF on the neck to achieve a complete non-surgical face and neck lift combination.

What is the Recovery After a Threadlift?

You will see the immediate lifting of the skin. The skin of the face can be a little puckered or bunched, but over a week’s time it smooths out. If for any reason it does not smooth, Dr. Kane has you come back into the office and he will adjust the threads to reduce the puckering. He advises his patients to limit their facial expression and vigorous exercise activity for 2 weeks to maintain the placement of the threads.

What is the Cost of the Threadlifts?

Because you can use the threads anywhere on the face, the cost will depend on how many threads Dr. Kane will need to lift the area of the face. If you are looking for a full-face lift of your jowls and nasal folds, Dr. Kane usually recommends 5 to 6 threads per side of the face and the cost can range from $3500 to $6000.

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