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Dr. Kane’s Unique ThreadLift Technique

What Makes the Threadlift so Unique with Dr. Dean Kane?

Dr. Dean Kane is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and  has been performing both Surgical Facelifts for over 35 years and the Non-Surgical Threadlifts for 20 years. He has uniquely relied on his surgical techniques while performing his Threadlift procedures. What does this mean?

This means that when he is performing the Threadlift procedure with the PDO Sutures, Dr. Kane is accurately placing the PDO threads within the deeper layers of the facial skin  that will best support the skin laxity up and tightly and that provides the safest recovery.

Dr. Kane has also developed his 3 levels of ThreadLift procedures.

Level 1: is ThreadLift Only with the PDO Sutures. This level is ideal for people who do not have much skin laxity but are just beginning to see the aging of the face. These are men and women who generally are in their 30’s and young 40’s and who are seeing more nasal fold laxity and the dropping of their cheeks. The PDO Threads will provide a natural lift to the face.

Level 2: is Dr. Dean Kane’s Advanced ThreadLift with PDO Threads with Undermining of the facial tissues. This Advanced approach is for men and women seeing the laxity along the jowls and right under the chin within the neck. Patients are generally concerned with their jowls descending and their nasal folds are more evident. This tends to occur among people in their 40’s and 50’s. The undermining of the tissues causes a greater stimulation of their collagen which works in synergy with the PDO Threads to firm and tighten the face.

Level 3: A Combination of Lipo-Contouring and Threadlift with PDO Threads. This level is for men and women who have thickness in the lower part of the face, specifically along the jawline and neck. In this case the person needs to have actual liposuction to remove the fat or thickness along the face to create a greater contoured and defined neckline. The PDO threads are then used to lift the skin laxity of both the face and neck for the ultimate non-surgical facelift.

Only Local Anesthesia is used for the 3 Levels of Threadlifts

For all 3 Levels of ThreadLifts, Dr. Kane uses local lidocaine to numb the face so that there is no discomfort from the insertion of the PDO threads. We have Pronox which is a laughing gas that takes away the anxiety of the procedure if you have concerns with needles. Patients using the laughing gas, Pronox will be able to drive themselves to the office and home from the procedure.

For the Advanced and Combination procedures for Levels 2 and 3 our patients are given oral sedation with Xanax and also Pronox which completely reduces all discomfort and anxiety from the more extensive procedures. In this case a patient would need a driver to take them back and forth from the procedure.

To Schedule your Threadlift Consultation please email Lauri@DrDeanKane.com or call 410-602-3322 and Lauri Kane will schedule you within the week of your call.