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What can be done about the excess skin along the back as well as the front of the body?

The Body Lift is a remarkable surgical procedure that tailors an overall tightening and skin reduction of the body. It achieves the lifting of the leg, buttocks, lower and upper back, and abdominal skin. The back rolls are smoothed and love handles and “muffin tops” are contoured. Everything above and below the circular scar is tightened and firmed.

The recovery period is 4-6 weeks. During this time a firm garment is worn to hold and support the body that has undergone surgery. The Body Lift scar is an extension of the Tummy Tuck scar. Like the Tummy Tuck, the Body Lift removes the skin from the front of the abdomen, and continues around to the entire back, removing and tightening the back and lifting the buttock mound and skin. Consequently there is a circular scar with a heart-shaped appearance over the buttocks, around the entire tummy and within the panty or underwear line.

The Full “Booty” is in Style! When a person loses all that weight, they lose it everywhere including the “booty” or buttock. The excess skin from the back can be fashioned and tucked into the buttock to enhance the “booty” during the Body Lift procedure.

Dr. Dean Kane performs the Body Lift with or without the booty enhancement in his Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa.

Since the Body Lift can be difficult to heal from in one procedure, Dr. Kane may recommend that patients separate the body lift into two parts. The tummy tuck would be performed first, and several months to a year later the back lift can be performed. The decision to do the entire body lift in one procedure will depend on the nutritional status of the patient and will be discussed in consultation. Many people want to know what the surgical experience is like, and you can hear our patients like Darcel and Georgette and many others, describe their surgical experience on a video testimonial at www.DrDeanKane.com