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Sculptra to Smooth and Firm Buttocks

Sculptra is Ideal to Smooth and Firm the Buttocks

Do you have concerns with dimpling and laxity of your buttocks? Trying to enhance your buttocks to create a smoother and firmer buttock?  Sculptra is your answer. Sculptra is a non-surgical approach to stimulate your collagen and elastin of the buttocks tissues which will plump up the dimpling and smooth your cellulite. Sculptra is an injection, but it is not a filler.

Sculptra is well known to firm and tighten skin on the face for a non-surgical facelift. However, Sculptra has become very popular for firming the buttocks. While the face usually requires 2 vials of Sculptra for at least 2 sessions, the buttocks require much more to achieve the firming and plumping. Dr. Kane recommends 2 vials per buttocks cheeks with possible 3 different sessions. Sculptra stimulates your collagen and elastin a full year, but you do not begin to see the results until after the second session and possibly the third. The sessions are done 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Sculptra continues to stimulate your buttocks for the entire year and you just keep seeing improvement over the entire year. It is then recommended that each year you have at least 1 session per year to keep the stimulation of your collagen and elastin. You can drive yourself to our office with no downtime from your work and home life. You can expect some bruising and mild soreness, but you can sit on your buttocks without any issues.

How does Sculptra differ from Fat Transfer to the buttocks?

Fat Transfer requires surgical removal of fat from one part of your body and is then transferred to the buttocks. This will require anesthesia and you need a large amount of fat to transfer into the buttocks to make a substantial plumping of the buttocks. Fat Transfer does not guarantee that the entire amount of fat will stay. Most often your fat dissipates over time and you are only left with 30 to 50% of the fat that was transferred. While fat will give you more plumping than Sculptra, Fat Transfer is not as consistent as Sculptra in creating firming and smoothing of the buttocks. Also, a thin person usually does not have enough fat to make a difference in the buttocks. Sculptra is ideal for individuals who do not want to have surgery to enhance their buttocks. Again, you do not need anyone to drive you to the office and you can return to normal activity the same day.

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