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Laser Hair Removal for Men

“MEN WANT” to be free of hair specifically of the ears, neck, shoulders and back. Our male clients are pleased with the permanent success of Laser Hair Reduction! We have two lasers for different skin color, Candela Yag for men of color specifically for tanned, olive, brown and black skin tones. Men with white to fair complexions would use the Candela Gentlelase. The laser hair therapy requires a minimum of 6 treatments scheduled 6 weeks apart. Depending on the thickness and quantity of hair as well as the age of our male clients, often touch-up treatments or even another package of 6 treatments are required to achieve a permanent reduction of hair. For men, testosterone levels play a large role in the thickness and quantity of hair growth. In Dr. Dean Kane’s experience, the effectiveness of laser hair removal, younger men (teenagers up through 30 years of age) often have higher testosterone levels thus requiring added treatments even beyond the 6-12 treatments. However, once the hair follicles are destroyed with the laser, the hair does not grow back and men are thrilled not to have to shave those unwanted areas again.

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