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Two Years Post My Face and Neck Lift

Coming up to my second year anniversary of my face and neck lift, I can only say that my results have maintained themselves beautifully and I’m exceedingly happy. Over 2 years ago, while on a hiking vacation, I didn’t recognizing the person in our vacation pictures. I felt so great being able to do really hard hikes, yet my face was not reflecting the person that was able to conquer 10,000 foot climbs. It was then I made the decision to do my facelift. Two years later I love looking at myself in pictures again and seeing the youthful person I feel both inside and out. Check out our vacation pictures before my facelift and now 2 years later: Before Face and Neck Lift Post Face and Neck Lift My results have maintained themselves for 2 essential reasons. One, my wonderful husband surgeon, Dr. Dean Kane, does a complete and thorough face and neck lift; meaning that when he performs the surgery he completely undermines the tissues and tightens the muscles of the neck and face so that he gets maximum tightening and long lasting results. A facelift from one surgeon cannot be compared to a facelift from another. You need to find a very experienced facelift surgeon who has many years of experience. Talk to prior patients and look at their results years later to help you judge if you are choosing the right surgeon for you. Vacationing in Venice The second and equally important reason why my facelift results have stayed so beautifully is that I continue to do daily maintenance. You need to think of your face the same as exercise for the body. If you don’t keep up your daily exercise your body loses its tone. The same with your face. An exceptional daily skin care regiment is crucial. For over 20 years I have only used Dr. Zein Obagi’s skin systems. From his old Nu Derm system to his newest ZO Skin Health System. I truly believe in Dr. Obagi’s philosophy that daily use of retinols and anti-oxidants will not only stop the aging of the face, but keep reversing the aging process. I have changed my regiment very little over the past 20 years and it seems to be working for me great. See my pictures from 35 to 52 to 61: Age 35 & 52 Celebrating my 61st birthday in NYC with my beautiful family. While I use topical daily skin care, I also believe in stimulating my collagen and elastin from within the skin itself. Sculptra accomplishes stimulating all the youthful skin properties (collagen and elastin) that keep the skin firm and creamy. Sculptra is an injectable, but not a filler. Sculptra is injected into the entire face so that it helps to stop and reverse the aging of the face, improves laxity and therefore excellent in both trying to prevent the need for a facelift or in maintaining facelift results. Keeping my face refreshed and youthful, I rely on my 2 favorite doctors: my husband and Dr. Obagi’s ZO Skin Health System to keep me forever young. I’m a very lucky girl to have two great doctors!!!!! Dr. Obagi giving Lauri a Blue Peel Dr. Kane in his accredited OR               If anyone wants more insight or information about these procedures please feel free to contact me at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com and I’ll be happy to respond to your questions.

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