How many units do you think I would need roughly for a non-surgical brow lift?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. Hi, I am 22 years old. I know I am young to think about Botox but my eyelids are very droopy. I want to raise them a bit so my eye opens up. Would I be a good candidate for Botox? What do you recommend? Thanks! A. While 22 years old maybe a bit young, it is not age that qualifies you for Botox, it is Botox’s action which is what you seek. Young patient’s who show a lot of expression and have started to develop folds and more permanent lines are now using muscle relaxers. ​A Botox Brow Lift may also elevate the eyelids as well. 10-15 units along the upper outer orbit and outer brow, and if you need it, 10-15 units along the inner brow injected by a well experienced and artful Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or other injector will help. Only after 2 weeks, the full onset of Botox will you know if the eyelids will also be lifted. ​ ​Good Luck! I hope this was helpful!
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