Botox for Men has surged in the Maryland Plastic Surgery Office of Dr. Dean Kane

Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has seen a tremendous surge in the number of men now requesting Botox in his Baltimore Cosmetic Surgery Practice.  Maryland and DC men are following the same pattern across the US in which the numbers have risen to 750,000 in 2010. Why are men seeking Botox? Similar to women, they want to appear more welcoming and appealing in their social lives and in the workplace. Men feel the lines between their eyebrows and across their brows make them look angry, tense, confused and tired. Botox reduces and almost eliminates all these negative looks giving men a more open and up lifted facial appearance.

Dr. Dean Kane’s Botox expertise with his male patients allows him to raise the men’s brows and reduce the heavy hooding of the upper lids while maintaining their masculine appearance. Only needing a few minutes of time to be injected, men feel they have gotten an upper eyelid lift without needing to go under surgery.

For more information about “Boytox” for Men as well as plastic surgery procedures for men visit or call the office at 410-602-3322.

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