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Alberta’s Makeover

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I am 61yrs. old, never had a good self image and even more so after having 2 children. and 2 surgeries on my stomach. I needed to do something before I got any older and working out wasn’t doing the outward results that I needed to see. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and I have a much better opinion of my outward appearance. Dr. Kane and his staff were so warm and friendly; they made me feel like a part of a family, I always feel special and welcome. When I arrived on the day of my surgery, it was as though I was with a group of girl friends, everyone was so friendly and considerate they put me at ease, and Dr. Kane made me feel safe and I felt complete trust and total faith in his ability to perform the surgery I had come to have done. I know longer feel self conscious in front of the person I spend my life with and I feel good when I dress to go out , the way my clothes fit and the complements I get helps boost my self image.  It must not be an easy job, trying to make everyone beautiful! But, I must say you are all doing a great job at doing your part. (so just keep on, keep n on )God Bless!