Tummy Tucks and Dr. Dean Kane’s Unique Inny Belly Button

What is so special about Dr. Dean Kane’s Inny Belly Buttons?

Belly Buttons are small and not usually the first thing you think about when choosing your doctor to perform your tummy tuck. But when all is healed and you are left with a ring of stitches for a belly button it will be the telltale sign that you  have a great tummy tuck with a very bad belly button.  Make sure you look at your surgeon’s before and after pictures of his belly buttons on his tummy tuck patients. When all is healed and when you flash your new flat tummy in your bikini what you’ll want is a very natural inny belly button.

Dr. Dean Kane’s Unique Inny Belly Buttons

Dr. Dean Kane, a board certified plastic surgeon in Baltimore for over 30 years, takes unusual care and precision in making his belly buttons during his tummy tuck procedures. He creates his belly buttons from the inside or underneath the tummy skin. Before he completes your tummy tuck, Dr. Kane will attach your umbilical cord from the inside leaving all the stitching on the underneath side of your tummy skin. Once he completes your belly button, Dr. Kane will then close and complete the rest of your tummy tuck trying to assure you of a natural inny belly button. As a result, you get a beautiful inny belly button with no external stitches ever seen on the front of your new flat tummy.

The Cause of the External Ring Belly Button

When you see an external ring of stitches on women who have had a tummy tuck, their surgeon cut a hole from the outside of the new flat tummy skin and pulled the umbilical cord through and stitched a ring around the new belly button hole. And that’s what you see, a stitched ring in the middle of the front of the new tummy.

Revising Belly Button Scars

These ringed type belly buttons can be revised, but with difficulty. Dr. Kane has experience in revising belly buttons and has come up with innovative ways to improve an existing ring type belly button into a new inny belly button.

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