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High Definition Liposuction with Etching or Sculpting for Men and Women by Dr. Dean Kane

If are looking for a more athletic trim body and the workouts in the gym, weight training and cardio is not revealing all of your hard work on your body contouring, then consider liposuction with high definition etching and sculpting which can be achieved by the artful liposuction skills and experience of Dr. Dean Kane in Baltimore, MD. Don’t fret, even competitor bodybuilders have been known to rely on lipo etching to show their six-pack after dieting down for their competitions. Lipo Sculpting, Etching and High Definition Liposuction are all the same procedure just being called by different names. In our office, Dr. Kane uses the term Lipo Etching as it effectively describes how he can sculpt or etch out the specific area of the body to achieve the athletic appearance on the abdomen, arms and legs. Lipo etching can be done alone or at the same time as a full liposuction. The process would require very tiny incisions for the liposuction cannulas to enter the under skin (subcutaneous) fat and using the tumescent technique Dr. Kane will effectively remove 80 to 90% of the thickness of the abdomen, flanks and lumbar regions. When a desired athletic six-pack is desired, then Dr. Kane goes back into the superficial part of the abdominal area to create deeper grooves in the tissues creating a more muscular definition of the abdomen for that six-pack effect.

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Its not just the abdomen that Dr. Kane can provide the athletic appearance. For women, arms are the hardest area to reduce in size even with great dieting and exercise. Dr. Kane can achieve beautiful liposculpted arms. First, he will do a circumferential liposuction of the entire upper arms reducing the entire diameter of the arms. He then goes back over the deltoid muscle to etch and sculpt the outer upper arm to attain that great V shape of athletically defined arms.

For legs, Dr. Kane again removes the excess fat of the outer and inner thighs and then follows the athletic lines of the quads of the upper of the thigh.

Sedation Anesthesia for Liposuction

Dr. Kane believes in giving you the best liposuction result and uses IV sedation in order to maximize his ability to remove 90 % of your fat while keeping his patients at maximal comfort. We have a fully accredited operating room in our office and our highly skilled and experienced nurse anesthetist has been with our practice for over 19 years. You will be required to have a pre-op physical prior to your surgery to clear you for your liposuction procedure.

Recovery of Liposuction

A compression garment is required to be worn for 6 weeks to ensure that the areas of the body that was liposuctioned will conform tightly and smoothly. The garment will also help reduce swelling and discomfort. Most people need only about a week or less off from work and return to an exercise routine that will not jolt the body. For example, power walking, elliptical, biking and weight training are workouts that may be appropriate. But running, kickboxing or exertional jumping needs to be delayed for about 6 weeks. Most patients only need ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain relief. A common analogy to explain how you would feel after liposuction is if you had a trainer work you out in the gym and the next day you are feeling very sore from the workout. Except you didn’t even need to workout!

Within 4 to 6 weeks the majority of your swelling will be gone and a residual 6 more weeks of minor swelling, but you can expect to see your upper and lower abdomen well chiseled with an ideal six-pack and well-defined results.

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When you schedule your consultation, Dr. Kane will give you a full evaluation and explain the procedure in detail. A quote for the cost of your liposuction procedure will be given and scheduling of your surgery can be done on the same day. Dr. Kane’s surgical coordinator, Lisa,  will help organize your complete surgical experience. Give us a call today (410) 602-3322 or email Lauri@DrDeanKane.com to schedule your consultation.