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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Silhouette InstaLift for Jawline

Q. Am I good candidate for silhouette lift or thread lift in jawline/lower face? I have generally hollowish area between my jawline and upper cheekbone. I have a filler in my cheekbones. My outer lower jawline has started to become heavier, even though there is nice definition there. My doctor recommended some smooth thread lifts, but am I a good candidate since I have hollowing around my mouth and chin? Every time I pull back my skin I look strange, so I cannot picture how this would look visually. I’m in my 30s. I agree with my dr that fillers might just add heaviness.

A. Thanks for sharing your photo. Based on this very limited information I can make some comments.

  • Please consider other opinions from those with greater experience, an artful talent and Board Certified in Plastic Surgery for proper evaluation and treatment options.
  • I notice the normal variations and minimal asymmetry today’s patient is more sensitive about.
  • The hollowing under the cheek bones you speak of, I believe is a beautiful character but, it is totally about you and your desires whether you fill the hollow or gently reduce the opposite fuller cheek.
  • Your concerns boarder on the beginning aging process of collagen reduction and laxity of the skin and soft tissues.
  • Please consult for and consider:
    • Retinoid skin care. The best is a Certified Zein Obagi ZO Skin Health for topical exfoliation, topical skin tightening.   Learn more about ZO Skin Health.
    • Minimally invasive skin tightening with Sculptra
    • I do not believe based on one photo that thread lifting would be helpful.

I hope this is helpful. Remember to hydrate and eat nutritiously, exfoliate and use sunblock! All the best in your anti-aging journey!

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