Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Facelifts: Mini, Mid-Face, Upper, Lower, Neck and Other Variations

Face Lift QuestionQ. Will a mini work for me or would a full facelift be better? I would like to avoid the full facelift if possible. I’m 59 and seriously Considering a mini facelift, my sagging neck and lack of jawline definition are my main concerns. Will a mini work for me or would a full facelift be better? I would like to avoid the full facelift if possible, mainly for the recovery process.

A. Thanks for sharing your photos. They are helpful and demonstrate your skin and soft-tissue laxity related to aging and natural asymmetry. As best as I can see on the photos, this includes the eyebrows, under eyes hollows, cheek, jowl and neck drooping and skin relaxation.

There is a large spectrum of individualized face lifting techniques. They primarily include:

  • A skin separation from the soft-tissues (fat, muscle, fibrous network) underneath,
  • Suspension of the soft-tissues upwardly (called SMASplasty or deep facelift of the  face and Platysmaplasty of the neck)
  • Redraping of the skin in an upward and lateral direction.

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Your surgeon will describe to you his or her individualized technique(s) and call it by many names. “One man’s mini may be another man’s traditional (or others)” facelift; there is a large spectrum.

Based on your 2 photos, you would best benefit from:

  • Consultation from one or more Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with experience and skill in facial aesthetic options.
  • Traditional face and neck lift with lipo-contouring of the neck, jowl and lower cheek
  • Fat grafting to the upper cheek mound.
  • Considerations based on findings of brow lift and eyelid lifts.

​All incisions, punctures, lasers, radio-frequency, injectables and other procedures to the face and neck (as well as the body) follow a very similar sequence of healing whether the procedure is mini-, midi- or large. It is the magnitude of the swelling and bruising and potential for complications which increase. Choose the right surgeon to help you choose the correct procedure. 

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