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Any New Changes in Cosmetic Surgeries?

Most people would think with all the new technology that exists in our hi tech world of medicine there would be new changes in the traditional cosmetic surgeries such as Face Lifts, Breast Lifts, Breast Augmentations, Tummy Tucks and Liposuction. Interestingly while there are constant changes in the laser skin technologies, skin products and face peels, there are not a whole of changes in the traditional cosmetic surgery procedures being done today. The actual cosmetic procedures are still being done in the same manner and approaches. Plastic surgeons today are more conscious of the length of scars and placement always trying to find a way to make them smaller and less conspicuous. For example, in Dr. Dean Kane’s plastic surgery practice, he finds that women may want a facelift, but not necessarily the traditional approaches. Dr. Kane individualizes his facelifts by making smaller excisions, giving women and men more of a tuck in just the areas they want pulled up. The mini-facelift can mean anything today, specifically this can mean just a cheek lift, a small brow lift, an extended neck lift. The key element that Dr. Kane has found is that he listens to his patients and targets his incisions to just the patient is asking for thereby limiting the extent and length of the scars. Tummy tucks and liposuction procedures have not changed all that much and Dr. Kane having performed 1000’s over his 27 years of practice continues to apply the same traditional approach getting amazing results. While ultrasonic liposuction and laser lipo brings hi tech approaches to liposuction, Dr. Kane continue to finds that the traditional tumescent liposuction still produces the best results in his hands. Regarding breast augmentations, the only real changes are the breast implants themselves. The implants whether created with saline or silicone are produced in very high quality giving a greater longevity to the integrity of the implants. The silicone gel used today is in the form of a cohesive or memory type gel in which should the outer shell form a tiny hole, the gel itself stays contained inside the outer shell. The small changes Dr. Kane has instilled in his breast augmentations from his early 27 years in practice is the site of his incisions which is now mainly placed within the brown portion of the areola versus in the inframmary crease. The scars are beautifully hidden in the brown tone of the nipples and less direct pressure on the scars. Scars along the inframmary crease can widen and get irritated by the pressure of the implants and the rubbing of bras along the scar.  The other change is that Dr. Kane now uses a funnel to insert the implant into the pocket during the surgical procedure. The funnel allows for less handling of the implant and allows the implant to slide much more easily into the breast pocket. This is important for a couple of reasons. For one, the less the implant is actually “man handled” the better it is on the long term integrity of the implant’s outer shell. The second reason is that the breast pocket is being less manipulated and again easier on the recovery for the patient. Breast lifts can now be done with smaller scars if working with a smaller breast size. Dr. Kane prefers to use the donut breast lift for women who are moderately small from A to C cup and who only want a small lift. The scars are placed around the brown portion of the areolas and no other scars on the breast themselves. This lift is used with or without implants and again is ideal for the smaller breasted women whose desire is mainly to place the nipple higher on the breasts, but don’t need a lot of skin removed. For those women who have extensive skin or breast tissue needed to be removed, Dr. Kane continues to use the traditional key hole or anchor incisions which give the best support for a perky and lifted breast. These wide range of cosmetic surgeries can be seen on www.DrDeanKane.com and it is always important to have an extensive consultation to determine what is best for you by calling his Baltimore office at 410-602-3322. Dr. Dean Kane and his wife, Lauri Kane provide a dual approach in their cosmetic consultations. Lauri takes a lot of time with every patient trying to understand their concerns and desires. Having worked with her plastic surgery husband for over 25 years, she helps communicate what the patients are seeking. Often women really want a good listening ear and that is Lauri’s role. Women have a great appreciation for the amount of time both Lauri and Dr. Kane spend with each patient trying to offer exactly what the patient needs and wants. The patient’s surgical experience becomes complete with Dr. Kane’s expert techniques and long term experience in plastic surgery as well as the caring staff available to all his patients.
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