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Father’s Day Best Combo Gift: Give the gift of Thin and Smooth

What to get the man who has everything? Well if your man is a little thick around the waist and also a little hairy: Coolsculpting and Laser Hair Removal is the best gift for him. Coolsculpting will thin down his love handles and muffing top with no surgery, no down time and no needles. Coolsculpting freezes away unwanted fat using the newest technology. An applicator is placed on the unwanted fat bulge and held in place for an hour as the freezing panels chill down the fat to freezing. The fat bulge is massaged and the frozen fat cells broken up in the kneading technique. The body will then reabsorb the destroyed fat cells over a 90 day period. You start to see the thinning process by about 4 weeks and continues to improve up to 6 months. What is ideal about Coolsculpting is there is no downtime or surgery, men can have this procedure in the summer months without worrying about disturbing vacation or work schedules. Now that your man is thinning down you may want to feel him silky smooth with laser hair removal. Yes men enjoy having a smooth body as well. Men tend to have laser hair on their backs, chests and necks. Men of all ethnic backgrounds as well as of all color have laser hair removal. It takes at least 5 treatments done over a 6 week period to see a permanent reduction in hair growth. In the Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, Dr. Dean Kane offers men their “man cave” while they are experiencing their CoolSculpting procedure. Stocked with WiFi, Video, TV and a super comfortable bed, men can relax and enjoy the experience of getting thinned and smoothed! For the African American man or Asian man of color, Dr. Kane has a special Candela Laser Hair machine designed for darker completion individuals to avoid any issues of pigmentation from the laser hair process. For Father’s Day, Dr. Kane is offering a 10% additional savings from the packages when both procedures are purchased together. For more detailed information about these two procedures visit: www.DrDeanKane.com or call the office 410-602-3322 and get your man his gift certificates right over the phone. What a treat for you and him.
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