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Facelift Patient Before and After

It’s pretty easy to be confused by all the current terms for facelift surgery. Maryland patients seeking a Baltimore facelift hear about procedures called the mini-facelift, S-Lift, Quicklift, Contour Threadlift™ and others. Sometimes, it may be hard to make sense of the options.

ClearLift: The Laser Facelift

…Laser Facelift: Clear Lift Coming to Dr. Dean Kane in 2014

Revolutionary Laser Facelift as seen on the View

ClearLift: Revolutionary Laser Facelift as seen on Dr. Oz

To find out about Laser Facelift in Maryland, call the Center…

What is Dr. Dean Kane’s Liquid Facelift?

…more numerous and more effective than ever before with Dr. Dean Kane. Non-surgical treatments make sense for so many people who don’t have the downtime to recover from a surgical facelift procedure and need more than Dr. Kane’s Liquid Facelift.

Dr. Dean Kane’s Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery &…

Liquid Facelift

…instant gratification. Dr. Dean Kane is an expert injector and has seen in his Baltimore Maryland plastic surgery practice a dramatic increase in the number of patients that come from all over Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Eastern Shore and Washington, DC to seek out his signature Liquid Facelift.

Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Facelift and Neck Lipo Healing


Q: Request for a second opinion: Horizontal bands across my neck after facelift and neck lipo. Is this normal? I know it’s still early, and I have talked with my surgeon, but I would just like another opinion. I’m 3 weeks out from a facelift and neck lipo. I

Facial Plastic Surgery

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Traditional Facelift

A traditional facelift allows patients to combat the signs of aging by removing excess skin and fat. During a facelift, Dr. Kane will tighten muscle around the face, remove fat, and trim excess skin. As…

Sculptra in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

…for Sculptra.

For the aging patient who is not quite ready for a facelift, Dr. Kane feels Sculptra is maybe a perfect solution to lift and tighten the skin using this long-lasting liquid facelift. For patients who have lost a lot of weight and feel hollow and…