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Facial Aging: Causes and Signs with Dr. Dean Kane

Older Female with Short Blond Hair Showing Signs of Facial Aging
…center;”> *Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

What is the Liquid Facelift?

Dr. Kane recognizes that patients don’t want incisions and scars on their faces to rejuvenate their aging face. He created the liquid facelift to achieve plumping, filling and firming of the sagging skin tissues. The…

Thread Lifts in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

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Dr. Dean Kane, Baltimore Board Certified Plastic Surgeon understands the desire to achieve immediate facial rejuvenation with limited downtime and recovery. If you want the effects of a facelift but are not ready for surgery a Thread Lift might be the solution for you. Thread Lifts are the latest

Silhouette InstaLift


Across Maryland, the minimally invasive procedure known as the Silhouette InstaLift Facelift, has generated much excitement. It’s no wonder, considering that with this procedure many patients can benefit from immediate lifting of the facial skin, a short recovery time with no visible scars and no invasive surgery. The name

Dermal Fillers in Baltimore with Dr. Dean Kane

What is Dr. Dean Kane’s Liquid Facelift?

Baltimore patients of Dr. Dean Kane are achieving instant facial rejuvenation without surgery. Many patients who have upcoming special occasions within 2 weeks will come to Dr. Kane to get their instant liquid facelift and be completely ready for that event.

Neck Lift

…but the scars are very obvious and he advises that most patients take off 2 weeks for a short scar facelift and 3 weeks for the traditional facelift.Since the scars are very new and will show for at least a month or two he recommends that patients wear their hair…

What is a THERMItight® Neck Lift

…same time. This fantastic non-surgical combination produce facelift affects and can be done under local anesthesia. See more information on this dynamic duo (link to combo page).

See our patient’s results of ThermiTight and Silhouette InstaLift Below:

The Perfect Non-Surgical Facelift Combination of ThermiTight and…

Dysport in Baltimore, MD | Dr. Dean Kane

dysport patient in baltmore
…uses for Dysport to soften various aspect of the face from the brow down to the neck.

The Liquid Facelift

Add Perlane filler into the mix and you get Dr. Dean Kane’s signature “Liquid Facelift.” The Liquid Facelift is using the combination injectables, Dysport and Perlane to…

Facial Rejuvenation for Men

Smiling Handsome Middle-Aged Male With Checkered Shirt
…after a death of their spouse or a divorce. Whatever the reason, Dr. Dean Kane, board-certified plastic surgeon of Baltimore provides a beautiful natural face and neck lift and helps men achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Standard Mini-Face and Neck Lift or the SMAS Facelift

Men have…

Juvederm® Filler Treatment in Baltimore Maryland

Young Female in Pink Shirt with Smooth Facial Skin
…with non-surgical options rather than having to commit to the traditional facelifts or short scar facelifts. JUVÉDERM has the distinction from its counter hylauronic acid fillers in that it has additional FDA clearance for use with all skin types and colors, making it an ideal choice for many African-American and…

Cat Eye Thread Lift with Dr. Dean Kane

…have minimal laxity of their skin. Patients who do not need a facelift but are seeing some laxity of their skin and wish to be tighter and lifted. Generally, patients are usually between 30s to 50s years old. Threadlifts are also excellent for people who have had a facelift in…