Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Getting curvy with CoolSculpting (or Liposuction or Thermi)

Q. Am I a good candidate for CoolSculpting (postpartum) to slim waistline and tighten belly button skin? I gave birth once in 2017 and once in 2019 (11 months ago) and since then my stomach hasn’t quite been the same, despite me losing the weight each time. I like being curvier, but I feel very blocky and thick in the waist and I would like to slim my waistline a bit (and possibly tighten the skin around my belly button). Would CoolSculpting be a good option for me? Also, is procedure safe to do while breastfeeding/weaning? Thank you in advance!

A. Thanks for sharing your photos. You look awesome following 2 pregnancies and weight loss! Congratulations.

Yes, pregnancy will change your look but you can get it much of it back.

While CoolSculpting works well as a non-invasive approach for subcutaneous fat reduction and if the applications are properly coordinated around the tummy, you can anticipate both thinning and contouring.

There will be a price-point where CoolSculpting which provides up to 25% fat reduction and Liposuction which is ideal for sculpting and up to 80% reduction will cross. You’ll have to consider which is for you as liposuction is a surgical procedure. The fat reduction in both will encourage mild if any skin tightening. Consider thermal tightening procedures with liposuction as well.

Consult with a fully equipped Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and his Team regarding which is best for you.

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