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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Cost of Half a Face Lift

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Q. What is the price for half a facelift? Many years ago i had a face lift, one side was pulled more then the other, i would love to even out my face , no eyes or brows needed, just one side, can you please tell me the price for the surgery to one side of the face?

A. Photos would be helpful. The question is not so silly as there are many patients who would benefit from “half a facelift” like those with a

  • tumor removal from one side of the face or
  • trauma or
  • stroke / Bell’s Palsy.

In your case, after many years, both sides would have aged and you may need to consider many considerations such as:

  • How much skin is in excess and whether a surgeon can make one side more symmetric to the other (you may only need a small skin only tuck),
  • How much of the underlying soft-tissues have descended and they need to be repositioned,
  • What has happened to the jowl and neck region.
  • Compare the cost, recovery and type of options (facelift surgery vs minimally invasive Silhouette Instalift and ThermiTight) of a facelift, face and neck lift vs a single sided lift.

Please consult with a talented, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for evaluation and recommendations fitting your needs. I wish you the best!

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