Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question 64 and Sagging; Sculptra, InstaLift, ThermiTight, Face and Neck Lift

Q. Can Sculptra help with sagging jowls/marionette lines? I’m 64. I’ve seen physicians re: volume loss in nasal area/marionette lines. Sagging jowls. Can Scultura or ??? help or is lower lift the only option?

A. Thank you for sharing your photos. You appear to have mild skin relaxation and more underlying soft-tissue separation and sagging.

  • Surgical Face Lifting is an option but used today for patients who require removal of skin excess with lifting and redraping.
  • Sculptra, a bio-active filler, provides stimulation of the fibroblast cells which produce collagen. In doing so, these and other structural proteins will firm and tighten the skin; in a sense, “shrink wrapping” the skin and underlying soft tissues.
  • I would have you consider Silhouette InstaLift, a “Sculptra”-like suture with cones that are placed via a puncture and needle with no incision. Proper placement of multiple sutures will both lift the soft-tissue compartments of fat and muscle upwardly and contract the tissues over the subsequent year to firm, thicken and tighten in the lifted position.
  • You may then use Sculptra to maintain the improvement.

Click here to learn more about Sculptra.

  • Continue a Skin Health regimen with retinoids to maintain exfoliation, proper cell function, and stimulation from the outside. Protect your skin from the environment and UV light, hydrate and eat well.
  • Discuss your concerns with a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with facial cosmetic talent to review what is best for you.

I hope this has helped. All the best!

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