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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Facelift Scars

Q: I am 48 years old. I am considering a facelift. I am getting saggy under my neck & face. I am Persian with olive tone skin. Will a facelift leave me visible scars? A lump was removed from my breast 16 years ago, it healed nicely, but I had a gull bladder surgery 3 years ago, left me a raised scar on of my stomach, but the incisions on the side of it healed fine. I hear face heals differently, but would like some advice. Thank you!

A: Thank you for sharing your photo and your history, it is helpful.

Heredity and the placement of incisions will best determine the final quality of your scar. Any incision will leave a visible scar but when placed along hidden creases, they become less noticeable and at times imperceptible.
Hypertrophic or thick scars and keloid or tumorous scars can occur in a low percentage of Scottish-Irish, American Indian and African patients.
Pigmentation differences between the scar and the adjacent skin would be my concern for you as with other “patients of color”. The “PIH” (post-inflammatory pigmentation) may be diminished with the pre-injury use of a medically managed preparation of retinoids such as tretinoin and hydroquinone. 
Your photo notes skin excess and laxity. You should consider facelift as an option and pre-or post-surgical collagen rebuilding therapies such as retinoids and / or Sculptra to maintain your investment.
Please consult with a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and his / her Skin Health team. I wish you the best!

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