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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Cheek Asymmetry

Q: I’ve noticed that one side of face is slightly higher than the other and one of cheeks seems to be bigger than the other one, would HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) treatment help fix this problem or make it worse?

A: Dear megco,

As a fetus, your right and left halves grow asymmetrically and differentiate differently as well. The easy answer is that your skeletal “hanger” to all your tissues is different one side from the other. Your tissues also grow according to the needs and forces of one side versus the other.
Attempting to find symmetry will require imaging techniques and examination to identify what layer is the “odd” aspect(s) and what can be done to diminish or augment it. Adding or subtracting, lifting or pulling, laxity or tightening differing layers and sides will affect the appearance adjacent to and in comparison with the opposite appearance. I also find that individuals are more sensitive about one side or asymmetric aspect than another.
One example is injecting cheek filler on one side for cheek asymmetry may make the depth of the eye greater and more shadowed. Another is, centralizing a curved nose will affect how you “see” the cheeks and lips.
I assist my patients in identifying their concerns and using the minimally invasive and surgical “tools of our trade”, fillers, “botox”, lasers, suspension sutures and other options to gain a more harmonious contour and balance of highlights and shadows to achieve their desires.
Select your talented, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with the greatest experience in artistic evaluation and options to achieve your goals.   All the best!

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