Nose Reshaping in Baltimore Maryland

If you’re like many in Baltimore, rhinoplasty may be something you have dreamed about for a long time. It’s very common for people who are unhappy with the form or function of their nose to think about getting a “nose job” in Baltimore for years before they take action; then they almost always wonder why they waited so long.


Cosmetic nose surgery can dramatically improve the appearance of your entire face, balancing the proportions of the face and bringing the features into harmony. Rhinoplasty is an extremely versatile procedure that can be utilized to resolve a broad range of cosmetic flaws and medical concerns. Through the rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Dean Kane can:

  • Create structure within the bridge and/or tip
  • Make the nose smaller or longer
  • Resculpt and narrow the shape of the bridge
  • Smooth bumps along the bridge
  • Narrow and / or elevate the nasal tip
  • Reduce or adjust the shape and size of the nostrils
  • Correct a crooked bridge or nasal tip
  • Repair injuries
  • Resolve breathing abnormalities

Why wait any longer? Request your consultation with the experienced, board-certified Baltimore plastic surgeon now. Dr. Kane looks forward to meeting you and helping you attain a nose that fits your face just right.

Baltimore Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kane

The rhinoplasty procedure is performed under local anesthesia combined with a sedative or general anesthesia. Depending on the specifics of the procedure, incisions may be made along the inside of the nostrils and the columella which results in more precision and little or no visible scarring. If the goal of the surgery is to reduce the size of the nose, the bone may be carefully restructured through fracture and reset. To remove a bump or reduce the width of the nasal bridge, Dr. Kane meticulously shaves away cartilage tissue to achieve a smooth, balanced result. Rhinoplasty can take one to three hours to complete depending on the extent and complexity of the surgery.

Recovery from Nose Reshaping Surgery or Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasties or nose reshaping is another level of recovery. In a Rhinoplasty or a septorhinoplasty the bone and carteledge is being broken and reshaped into a more pleasing appearance. Dr. Dean Kane does not pack the nose like years ago and a small tube like straw is placed inside the nostrils to help the patient breath better. But the nose will swell dramatically and bruising can be very prominent on the face and eyes. Dr. Kane requires a small plastic like splint on top of the nose to hold the newly formed bones together for a minimum of 2 – 3 weeks. Most patients take at least 1 week off, but ideally 2 weeks are much better and 3 would be perfect. But expectations of recovering from Rhinoplasty surgery is probably the most difficult for patients as it takes the slowest to achieve the final results of the surgery. Noses hold onto to swelling because of the trauma to the bones being broken and reset. Just like a broken arm when you need to wear a cast for months, the same effects are happening with the nose surgery. Patients have to be PATIENT and it is not easy. Dr. Kane makes it a point to help his patients be realistic with their results, because most patients are not initially happy with their new noses due the level of swelling and distortion in the first 3 months. It truly takes up to a year or even longer for the bones to set, the nose to fall into the solid position and the swelling to go away. Dr. Kane helps the Rhinoplasty patients along by taking photos every month and 3 months to show the improvements the nose is making to get to the beautiful results that was initially expected.

After Your Rhinoplasty

Recovery after your “nose job” in Baltimore can take up to a month. In fact, the end results of surgery may not be entirely visible until six months to a year, as some swelling may persist. You won’t need to wait that long to go out in public, however. Most patients feel ready to socialize and return to work in just a few weeks.

Rhinoplasty patients often experience enhanced self confidence and an improved self image. If you think rhinoplasty may be right for you, please call the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa in Baltimore, Maryland today at 410.602.3322 for a free estimate from Lauri Kane. Or, just request a consultation with Dr. Dean Kane today.

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