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What you need to know about Mommy Makeovers

Ask any woman who has given birth and they will tell you their bodies are no longer the same before pregnancy. The pregnancy state stretches out the skin of the breast and abdomen and most often will not return to its tight and firm state. The more pregnancies a woman has, the worst the stretching of the skin becomes. Women will often complain that they exercise like crazy and eat right, but the skin just does not rebound. Here’s the key, exercise will not change the skin laxity. Just like a stretched out rubber band that will never return to its tight state, the same is true for the human body. The only way to take care of skin laxity is to surgically remove it. Tummy Tucks In the Baltimore plastic surgery office of Dr. Dean Kane, tummy tucks are one of the most requested procedures by women and most often due to child birth effects on the body. With his 27 years of practicing cosmetic surgery, tummy tucks are one of the most transforming procedures he performs. Very gratifying for women to get their bodies back giving women a greater confidence and sexuality. Tummy tucks do take a long recovery period of at least four weeks, so women need to prepare to have help for themselves as well as child care. Breast Lifts, Breast Augmentations and Combination of Both Along with stretched out abdomen skin, breasts due to breast feeding also lose their original perky form. There are several procedures to solve the droopy breast. Dr. Dean Kane approaches solutions based on women’s preferences of how big they want their breast to be. Dr. Kane considers breast augmentations alone, breast lifts alone or the combination of the two procedures. Evaluation of the breast will determine which direction Dr. Kane will suggest taking into consideration whether his patient would like to remain the same size, wants to be smaller or wants to be the same size. Tummy Tucks and Breast Augmentations and Breast Lifts Many women want to do surgery of their abdomen and their breasts together. Dr. Kane will advise if this is possible.  Tummy Tucks can be done with breast augmentation, but Dr. Kane advises to separate tummy tucks surgeries from breast lift surgeries. Because both of these surgeries are lifting and removing skin, Dr. Kane cautiously separate these surgeries to maintain appropriate blood flow needed to heal both procedures. However, Dr. Kane will suggest performing the breast lift 3 weeks after the tummy tuck so the woman can have one recovery period. Dr. Dean Kane Offers a Wonderful Cosmetic Surgery Experience Dr. Dean Kane performs his mommy makeovers in the comfort of his fully accredited operating room in his beautiful and warm office setting in Baltimore, Maryland. Patients have a wonderful surgical experience with Dr. Dean Kane and appreciate that the same staff that take care of them in the office before and after surgery are the same wonderful caring staff in the operating room as well. Consistency and quality of care is most important to Dr. Kane in making sure his patient’s safety and successful surgical outcomes is always maintained. Visit www.DrDeanKane.com to learn more about mommy makeovers and call 410-602-3322 to schedule your mommy makeover consultation.
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