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Lauri’s ThermiVa Testimonial

Like most women, I have had feminine issues as a result of giving birth to two children in my 30’s  and going through menopause in my 50’s. Immediately after child birth I had small incontinence issues that have never resolved even with continual Kegel exercises. Menopause further caused esthetic and dysfunctional issues of both my internal and external structures. I developed looseness, dryness and a decreased sexual sensitivity.  I have been told I needed surgery to correct my issues. Like most women, I truly didn’t want to undergo any surgical procedures for these problems. 

Our nurse performs the ThermiVA procedure so women feel very comfortable having another woman being the care provider for this very gentle procedure. I had the ThermiVa done twice now. I was amazed that the procedure was truly comfortable. The probe internally just felt like a small pressure which was quite tolerable. When the probe was applied on my external area it felt like a very warm massage.

I was very excited to see the immediate response I got from my very first treatment. I looked so much better and instantly tighter. My incontinence issues were improved. After my second treatment, I had an even greater constriction of both the internal and external structures. I had a much greater lubrication, the internal walls felt much thicker and again, my incontinence was improved even further. Sexually I was so pleased to experience an increase in my sensitivity. I felt a very nice difference after the first treatment, but after the second time, my sexual sensitivity truly felt amazing. I asked Dean if I felt like I was 40 again and he said no you feel like you are back in your 20’s. He couldn’t have given me a better compliment. While we don’t have Viagra we do now have ThermiVA.

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