How does a plastic surgeon know how much to cut?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A thinkingQ. When performing a facelift and necklift, how does a plastic surgeon determine how much skin to cut? A. Great question! The answer is not so simple. It is based on: ·The patients skin laxity and perfusion (amount of circulation in the skin determined from weather/UV, tobacco use, injury, etc) ·Amount of lift desired and surgical technique ·Talent and experience of surgeon In a traditional facelift, the skin is lifted up to or just beyond the nasolabial, the marionette fold, over the jawline and down the neck for maximum redraping. (Less is considered when poor circulation is a concern.) Suspension of the underlying SMAS or soft-tissues is performed and the skin is gently redraped over the recontoured facial features with a gentle pull. The skin excess is removed. I hope this was helpful. All the best!
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