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Learn How Lauri Kane from Dr. Dean Kane’s Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa Applies her ZO Skin Health Products to get the Best Skin Results.

For over 23 years, we have faithfully used Dr. Zein Obagi’s Skin Health Line in our Plastic Surgery Practice of Dr. Dean Kane in Baltimore.  I personally began using Dr. Obagi’s skin program when I was 40 and I am now 63 years old. I swear by the ZO Skin Line to help me stop the aging of my skin and keep my skin beautifully healthy, glowing and creamy smooth.

The key behind getting great rejuvenating results is exfoliation of the skin. The face has to peel away the dead layers of skin that continually build up daily. To get the skin to peel it is crucial to apply the products properly on the face.

The Key ZO Skin Products: Tretinoin and Melamix

The two main skin products to achieve the exfoliation is Tretinoin and Melamix. In my video I demonstrate that it is important to use 1 inch of the Tretinoin .1% with the 2 pumps of ZO Melamix. I get a solid white coating along my entire face, neck and chest. I massage in the mixture for a couple of minutes with two fingers.  The ZO system is meant to be used under and around the eyes. So many people think they should avoid the eyes and you can tell exactly where they stopped. USE around and under the eyes!!

Lauri Kane’s Aggressive Skin Approach

My goal is to use the Melamix and Tretinoin at least 4-5 nights in a row. I usually get a full face peel on the 5th morning.  I use the ZO Skin Polish to wash off the peeling and flaking skin. The following 3-4 nights I only use my ZO Power Defense and Daily Renewal moisturizer.  I let my face calm down from the peeling and begin the Melamix and Tret the following week again. My goal is to have my face peel at least 1 -2 days per week. This is a fairly aggressive approach that I have trained my face to tolerate over the 23 years.

New Patients Beginning ZO Skin Health Program

For patients just beginning the ZO Skin Program we begin our patients on a much slower paced regimen that will not cause any burning or irritation and allow our patients to build a tolerance to using the Melamix and Tretinoin on a consistent basis.

Our estheticians are highly trained and act as your skin coach to teach you how to use the system properly. Our program consists of having our new patients come into our office every 2 weeks in the first month and then monthly or bi-monthly to ensure we are reaching our patients skin goals. There is an initial charge for the very first visit and no further charge for all your follow-up visits for life.

Ideal for Patients of all Skin Color

It is ideal for patients of all skin color and in Baltimore with the wonderful diversity we have in our City we are highly experienced at being able to treat people of all ethnic backgrounds. Because of the amazing results we get with the ZO skin health program, our patients are lifers. We have patients that started the program with me 23 years ago!!!!

Dr. Dean Kane is ONE of THE Seven Medical Advisors to Dr. Zein Obagi

Dr. Kane is one of the seven doctors on Dr. Zein Obagi’s Medical Advisory Board across the United States. Dr. Kane’s Practice has been dedicated to adhering Dr. Obagi’s philosophy of achieving healthy skin for over the past 23 years. When you come to our Medspa in Baltimore you will be coming to one of the expert Obagi offices in the U.S.

Contact us today at 410-602-3322 or email Lauri@DrDeanKane.com to help set up your consultation with our Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa.

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