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Would Sculptra in the cheeks lift the area and give me more cheek definition?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & Ashutterstock_45588493 Q. I have a slight droop to my mouth and I am fed up of people telling me I look miserable. My dermatologist did do the botox/Juvederm on the sides two years ago, but it made no difference. I thought Sculptra in the cheeks would lift the area and give me more cheek definition, which I have always wanted. I had juved in the eye trough area two years ago, and only now has the puffiness started to go away. It looked like a banana for two years under my left eye, so a bit worried about Sculptra. Thanks! A. It appears you may have lost weight as I visualize skin descent with folds at the nasojugal, nasolabial, lateral commissure/ marionette junctions and a flat appearing cheek. ​ ​Sculptra has worked well in my hands as a skin “firmer” stimulating collagen formation and shrinking of the skin primarily and filling secondarily. This would not be my first choice recommendation based on the limitation of these photos. ​ ​Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm Ultra plus and Perlane are gel fillers I use in the cheeks for volumizing and greater projection. They replace the volume lost in the cheeks and “lift” by filling the flatter cheeks. This might be a better option for you. ​ ​All injectibles are art and science, like medicine in general. Choose your artist / scientist carefully who fully understands his canvas/patient and is well experienced and Board Certified in Plastic Surgery or ENT Facial Surgery with a full understanding of all the techniques available to reduce the side-effects you mention. ​ ​I hope this is helpful. All the best!
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