Tear trough Restylane fillers. I wish I never had them done. Is there anything I can do?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_77837938 Q. I am six weeks post-treatment of tear through Restylane fillers. I wish I had never had them done. Is there anything I can do? A. So sorry for your troubles! Of greatest importance is to select a well experienced, Board Certified Injector with understanding to the nuances of proper selection of the patient, fillers and appropriate injection techniques. Since it had been only 2 days following injection, the swelling may have already improved. Other local techniques for improvement of symmetrical swelling such as yours is: 1.    Ice packs 2.    Head elevation 3.    Oral non-sedating anti-histamine (eg. Claritin, Zyrtec) during the day, and a sedating anti-histamine such as Benadryl at night. 4.    Have your injector re-evaluate your concerns and consider a tapered steroid dose pack. 5.    Diminish your activities to reduce swelling 6.    Be patient. At 2 weeks, revisit your injector. If it is not better, properly inject hyaluronidase, a enzyme to dissolve the filler. Wait another 1-2 weeks and obtain another opinion. I have listed below other options to consider. Pigmentation or dark circles under the eyelid may come from any combination of the following. 1. Eyelid bags and laxity with shadowing 2. Cheek laxity and shadowing 3. Thin eyelid skin with a reflection of the underlying muscle 4. A separation of the eyelid structures from the sagging cheek structures 5. Pigmentation, laxity and fine lines of the skin Many options are available depending on the problem above. 1. Eyelid lift 2. Cheek lift (with Contour Threads or short scar facelift) 3. Injection of fillers, either into the skin or deep under the fat for volumizing using Restylane, Juvederm or fat 4. Mid-face lift, a lift of all the structures of the cheek with a eyelid lift 5. ZO Obagi Skin therapeutics and Peel or Laser to rejuvenate and tighten eyelid and facial skin. I hope this has been helpful! Buena suerte!
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