I had a tummy tuck in June but now the area around my belly button is almost hard as if something is swollen.

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I had a hernia from a suture that cut off my intestines. I had to have many wash outs and cut out necrotic tissue and possibly part of left abdominal wall. This left my stomach asymmetrical. I also had a tummy tuck to fix it in June. My stomach shape has changed drastically. It pooches out now starting below my breasts down to the incision above pubic area. It now looks like I am pregnant. When I touch pooch around belly button it is almost hard as if something is swollen underneath it. A. So sorry for your troubles!! There are several reconstructive options available based on a in-person evaluation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Bring copies of all your General Surgery Hernia and Tummy Tuck records and photos with you. In many cases, this type of complexity, a referral to a well-qualified and well experienced Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon at an Academic Center may provide the best options for you. You may need more imaging testing to identify the problems. I wish you the very best with this concern!!
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