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What should I take into account when choosing injection surgeon?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_35812399 Q. Although almost every plastic surgeon performs injections, I believe that final outcome can vary significantly depending on chosen surgeon. That may be especially the case, since I’m relatively young (in my mid-20s and male) and main problem lies in eyes; tear- trough and cheekbone area. Should I take into account certification? Does it matter whether one is ophthalmic reconstructive surgeon or general plastic face-focused surgeon? Should I ask about techniques, like what and where is it injected? A. ​This is a very astute question. Thank you! ​ ​As with any medical service, there is art and science to the nature of the results. ​ ​Each product, whether it is: · ​a muscle relaxer (eg. Botox, Dysport), · ​filler (eg. Restylane family, Juvederm family, Sculptra, Radiesse or other), · ​laser and skin texture modifier ​provide distinctive nuances in their placement and use. ​ ​Each patient is distinctive as well: · ​gender · age / aging · ​primary concerns · ​structural or anatomic differences, etc · holistic or full face changes with each or combo therapy · sensitivities, presentation, short and longer term expectations ​ ​Each “injector” comes from: · ​different perspectives, · ​skills, · ​talents and · ​breadth of experiences. ​ ​Of course it matters who performs the injectable! He or she must present the confidence and understanding of the anatomy and physiology over the options, combinations, layering, projection, fill, lift and a permutation of understanding of how each product will perform for YOU. ​ ​Review their Before/After photos. Check the breadth of products and services they provide. Who will perform the procedure? What is their Specialty background and how many years injecting… ​ ​Choose your injector(s) carefully from well experienced, Board Certified Injectors including Plastic Surgeons, ENT Facial Surgeons and Dermatologist. ​ ​I hope this is helpful! I wish you the best!
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