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Is this a RUDE question to ask your surgeon?

7K0A0075Question from Spartanburg, SC: Docs say that a patient’s face must be carefully evaluated and matched to the “right” surgical technique. IF the PS exclusively does some variation of SMAS lifts should I think he never does the more challenging deep plane for HIS comfort or should I think that NO one showed up for whom a deep plane was the best option?   Answer from Dr. Dean Kane, board certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore:                                                                         It is not “rude” to ask the number and styles of facelift or the reasons why a surgeon uses the techniques he or she does for the surgery requested. ​Just as the surgeon should perform a proper evaluation of your past medical, surgical and social history to provide a proper plan to achieve your desires safely, it is in your best interest to find the surgeon whom matches your needs too. ​​Unless there is a specific reason to perform a more complicated procedure, the “twins facelift” study has determined that the difference and duration of various facelifts show nearly no difference. ​ ​Pick your board certified Plastic Surgeon and Facelift surgeon carefully. ​ ​All the best! Dr. Dean Kane Center from Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa www.DrDeanKane.com 410-602-3322 DeanKane@DrDeanKane.com
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