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Is there an effective non-invasive treatment for paradoxical hyperplasia?


Question from London, TX:

I’m suffering from paradoxical hyperplasia after CoolSculpting and would like to know: 1) if invasive therapy is the only solution? (if so, what your recommendation would be) 2) If other types of non-invasive techniques can also be equally effective? (e.g. treatments which use ultrasound technology to melt away the fat such as Liposonix/ultrasound cavitation) 3) if exercise &diet alone can deal with reducing the size of the abdomen? (it doubled in size after the CoolSculpting treatment!) Thanks

  Answer from Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore:

So sorry this has occurred to you! Paradoxical Hyperplasia following CoolSculpting is uncommon. It is my belief that inflammatory removal of fat cells occurs as well as the proposed apoptosis. This occurs during surgical procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks as well leaving a firmer, fibrous tissue replacing the lost fat.  ​​I recommend time and deep scar massage initially. Patients who lose weight during the time of focused fat reduction from CoolSculpting do better. ​It may take a year or longer until the changes have settled as any procedure that creates heat or traumatic injury such as ultrasound or radio frequency procedures, liposuction or tummy tuck during the healing process may also add to the lumpy scarring. At that time you may consider these other procedures but only with the evaluation and recommendations of a Board Certified and well experienced Plastic Surgeon. ​ ​I hope this has helped. All the best! Dr. Dean Kane Center from Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa www.DrDeanKane.com 410-602-3322 DeanKane@DrDeanKane.com
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